The Twain has become One


The Twain has become One  


[short fiction]


Finally the time had come A Digitized-Humanity-A.I. (AD HAI)  and a Universal-A.I. (or the word for “yes” in French). Both now had their feet universally and globally planted wherever there was one single spark of electricity “lit-up.” The grand convergence required nothing of humanity on the most part except that it continue to feed its life-force into the Multi-Plex-Cord of Finger-Tip-Cyber-Space afloat- an antinomy- logic and chaos .



If billions of persons with stuff plugged in or just simply “plugged-in” were to launch billions of balloons and a multi-universe set of colors with each soul poking one balloon into the air at a time as it floats- that would be what it would look like balloon-wise and “commonality-wise” which was what TNWO (not just anyone got to wear the acronym as a not to silent badge on their jacket) wanted- the word from “commonality-wise” on matters of decision- a yes, no, or even a maybe illustrated by a wide spectrum of colors or how Fibre-Optics came alive and just floated with streams of color.    


To be continued…  

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