Immunology and Dermal-Chips






[I’m not a doctor]



A long time ago I posted in a comments section about Immunology using T-Cell boosters at the level of polysaccharides and macrophage boosters to target the cancer cells and reduce them- I posted a post in a major newspaper-comments section out of Toronto just about that. Another post I made somewhere was on over-loading them (cancer-cells) with protein about 5 years ago somewhere. Now, both are seriously on the table in biology (the sciences). I am no doctor- but, the odd time something just hits me as “that’s the right track- keep going.” God bless the research!!!


Sometimes the way God has created my mind to think and hone in on to add the right 1 + 1 scenarios- I have no idea except that it is almost a myopic-adult-autism- MAA-  (obviously not full-blown…but, how I knew about things way back when like the mini-chips (dermal tek-chips) going into people one day en-masse – that was one by Providence that hit my “think about this plate” about 35 years ago. Now we see it around the globe… My thinking pursues matryoshka dolls down to the smallest “to the point” doll and then backs-up to “the bigger picture.” May God grant special pragmatism to survive in such a universe as mine and even excel as I did in my MA TESOL. Me thinx the Church universal might just speak-up on the dermal-chips…wait and see. Then excuses why its so great will come-out.     


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