There are more choices than just one- “focus only on the hackers”






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[My views are not political in nature as much as simply the Pragmatism of the likes of Francis Bacon]



People really have to pick what it is they want. Do they want fiscal confidence that becomes a synergy with investment, job creation, spending, and optimism? Or Do they want what seems to be a questionable Moorish Moor to drive building a healthy economy out of the scope-of-lens because of Tunnel-Vision and Moorish-Myopia on the war-path to find a truth that will neither help them economically nor moor-ishly. 

Did anyone realize that hackers from nations around the globe are as zealously hacking as those who hacked in the scandal- even as I type? Right now- a the peoples have regained their fiscal confidence…I would fan that flame (and fan off the media stage any and all things that take-away from that- Oh Lord!!!) and create better physical internet walls and firewalls and quietly go about that business. Would you not agree? I already spoke upon the latter on a link: U.N. warns of nuclear cyber attack risk – SecurityFocus




If WWIII broke-out just because a despotic government is removed in a nation the size of my pinky-nail- a nation bent on contributing nothing to world peace (blessed are the peace makers); but are always bent on warring- it wouldn’t be that first strike that started the world war. That would then fall upon the wide shoulders of other superpowers whether or not they want to trigger at “The Removal” a WWIII response (it seems from here that would be foolish to do that because the region was reaching a status-quo stability people embraced. Without all that N.K. testing that would have remained to a large degree).



Yes, it would be the secondary, third, and fourth strikes that would create the “instability in the region and globally.” It would be their choice to plunge the whole earth into conflict or not over saving 1 despot over one pinky-nail sized nation. Anyway- if Removal and Restructure and Promise keeping could be- it Potentially would only/all change in name to S. K. eventually or The United Democracy of S. K.


The tremors of one superpower is that they don’t want a US military build-up in hardware and troops close to their border. So then- build up (equip) the South- understand that concern and when the work is finished their via. the South being deeply involved- make it so there isn’t a massive build-up and no intention of invading any border of any superpower is made clear physically and in word also. 


A quick read of The Art of War might give some insight into thousands of years of what is embedded in Asian culture and to degrees in their psyche. Yet- a new reality is here and it’s called “The New World Order.” Still- for a global economic recovery- a speedy one- the globe needs to consider which topics are getting in the way of that or which ones will enhance it. A despot can’t enhance that- he is too bent on war. 


Handing over hackers- any hackers- would enhance the impression of peace and Good Will (good will is even embedded in contracts between two parties) and stop painting any one superpower as enemy number one. Let them have their path to peace…or movie goers will have to undergo “Russia – enemy number 1” – movies- one after another for another decade and will keep building up that propaganda (who gave them the “number one enemy” go-ahead?) when in all reality- two superpowers were moving towards a “first time in a long time” peace? Again- do any other nations have hackers that have been kept hush, hush for political reasons. It can’t be what is good for the goose isn’t good for the gander- that’s an insult of intelligence.        


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