Really- little to say- God knows and tis sufficient



Source: “Some lady with 1 M was going to try to help you to relocate until ‘the cult’ as you call it slammed, diced, and decimated you as a cold-blooded abuser. We know you- we know that there are people for you and people severely against you almost at any cost. Do you have any idea why?”


Me: “Honestly- I swear I’m in some kind of vortex with ‘give us the empirical’ and in my own personal knowledge of psychology, sociology, and anthropology everyone knows the axiom is “as close as you can get to science”- being, what I have to offer some really cold empiricists.” Because of the nature of man and the nature of bias in men/women- one could say that much of what is sold to us as pure science may not be what we were led to believe.

Anyway- I go about my Christian walk trying not to ‘enflame’ anyone- so- maybe source that one ought to be double checked. It sounds far-fetched.  


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