Your Train is a Comin



Your Train is a Comin


It’s a time and place where you just need Mo

But for what you need ya gist get a closed door

These dayz you’re friends are just letting ya down

They ask, “whaz-up with that face and that frown?”


The glass is half empty and the glass is half full

Depends on who ya talk to it might just be bull

One minute the applause paints you as a clown

The next, “the boo” paints ya as jist a creep in town


[There is a time and a place where

ya just gotta get up off the ground

Your train is a comin

Can you hear the sound?

It’s your train

Ya just gotta go

Where it takes you ya just don’t know

Where it takes you ya just don’t know]


It’s partly up to you what you make up yur reality

It’s not jist something ya jist learn on TV

Sometimes it’s just opportunity a knockin at yur door

The Timing; the irony; the lyrics and the chord


Lift up your head you’re salvation has come

Shining as brightly as the brightest of suns

If ya jist say, “yes” to that Train

Your disposition will never be the Same


[Chorus 2 X]



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