Ya Think and Ya Thought




Ya think & thought




Ya think things are going to turn-out to be a certain way and then- flip- Murphy’s Wild-Card Variable hits your table. A good reminder- “one of the prerequisites of a good missionary is Flexibility.”


Ya think that your love of art is just a matter of “when I feel like it.” Then you realize, it too is like a marital love demanding commitment and “do.”


Ya think, “all things can be done tomorrow.” But then, your whole life is flashing before your eyes in the face of unapproachable light.


Ya think, “I felt so ashamed I was so wrong.” But, next time you won’t be will ya now?  


Ya thought, “It will be three taps of my fingers” and it was- three taps. Now after a while your brain chemistry almost demands everything be three taps of your toe or fingers and you wonder, “is our world about to give birth to a steady stream of souls with ADHD or people with a knee jumping up and down at the computer desk?”


Ya thought your bed was made for thinking; but when you discovered it wasn’t, and that it was made for sleeping- “He restoreth your soul.”


Ya thought that Carbon-Dioxide was killing the planet until you learned that without so many parts per million present all the time that plant-life you treasured would just shrivel up and die.


Ya thought you could do a certain thing or things 365 or even 355 days of the year and then some part of your body or soul just snapped. You were given a constitution to be adept but not eternal.


Ya thought, “now that I will never see or experience this or that ever again- I should have taken more photos and kept better records.” But, hey! It’s not too late to start now on whatever lays before you in this adventure we call “living” and having lived- remembering. 




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