Pithy Things



Pithy Things


[Only 576 Words]

If you ever decide to take-up- as I did over 5.5 years- a flurry of thousands of short-writing reflections, stories, poetry, song-writing or whatever- remember 500-600 words if you are not a “whole book” writer except that you can compile your short works under one theme.




The kicker isn’t so much the enemies you knew you had; it’s the friends you have who turn out to be real stinkers. Source said: “Ed (somebody) turned ‘it’ back on.” “I can only imagine source.” My God knows the names of every star- he knows your name and how to humble and exalt.



If world-wide earthquakes are on the rise, you can be sure that tall behemoths are on the rise in thinking through the issue of building a structure that can endure a fairly massive earthquake.


A number of some of the greatest writers said this, “I hate writing.” On many levels in this season of my writing- me to.


The faithfulness of purity is taking one’s skills, talents, and abilities in a continuance of developing them and applying them for some good purpose whether there is financial remuneration or not.


If I truly have the unique kind of writing which is “a love for writing”- this love- if rightfully seeking the remuneration of finances or reward can still never stop believing, being patient, hoping or just gives-up because it is a God given love of writing.


Right now I am working on writing something that requires an Infrastructure of a “Progressive Hierarchy Structure” or Hierarchy-Infrastructure. That begins with a Base or the Basics as a platform and moves to Secondary Structures and then a third (each either building on one another or it can all be like a swirl of important variables attaching themselves one another as they are added). I see nations with no real infrastructure and then getting blasted with war and so wiping-out the needed variables to even build a nation in the first place. With Hierarchy-Infrastructures a bottom-up triangle is the norm and with a swirling pie-chart with interactions and intelligent-bindings going on- due to the nature of an explosion of variables – the swirling-pie-chart (not a wisdom like an accordion moving in and out- breathing- as some have described our universe). Yet- though (pause)- the Accordion can have a place somewhere.


As The Holy One advances towards The Great and Dreadful Appearance- That Day and Hour- there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother- an Advocate who shed his own blood to save souls. Jesus- mankind’s Highest Priest stands between The Holy One and Mankind.


A century later and I now fear after the indoctrination for a century of highly positioned humanists and secularists that we will no longer be able to say, “there are no atheists in fox holes.” Rather- the tides seem to have created a whole new Axiom, “the trenches are filled with atheists, secularists, and even humanistic-agnostics.” But, even so- serving and protecting is still considered an honourable thing- especially peace-keeping missions.      




Can a Volcano hold its breath forever- till end of times? Or can Tsunamis- Many Waters- repel powerful earthquakes taking place in the deep blue or even on land forever and a day? In some way our body is as a Volcano holding its breather or as a Tsunami that is moving towards the trigger in God’s Timing? Is the Almighty’s arm too short that it cannot save? Isa. 59:1





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