The Holy Trinity and Volition


Agree or Disagree?: Essence, Nature, and Volition- The Trinity




God in Three Persons speaks to His Essence- by Essence and His Nature- He is- This One God- God in Three Persons.


Jesus prayed (John 17) that we would be one even as He and His Father are One. But- to let the body of Christ be left to its Essence and its Nature- the problem is- we are judicially and positional-ly perfect but also “being perfected” too- there needs be on our part volition to be “One” and for that to be 100% true on a whole other level in the Trinity- because of God’s Nature and Essence He is Three as One Volitionally, too. I have just rarely heard that aspect being emphasized. Either the Persons of the Trinity all have Volition or they do not- they are automatons and slaves to purely essence and nature- though perfect they would be- just not Volitional-Persons on the matter of Oneness.   


The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as Volitional Persons by Essence and Nature and in Personage choose to be One to. And so- me thinx it is possible to boldly say to and to ponder this: God as Three Persons. For centuries I have never seen and expository on the fact that God also is one because by nature, essence, and the personage aspect requires a hearty 100% Volitional “yay.”


P.S. As I meditate on such volition for a Son to choose to obey the Father by the strength of the Spirit- just one example- I am profoundly encouraged.  


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