The Chronicles of the Anomaly-son Cont…


The Anomaly-son’s Chronicles continue on…


Meditation verse just given several days before and as he Meditated on it the more clear it became. He was seeking 0% notoriety for whatever came of things just 3-D-ing- prior in thought, meditation, spirit and the output of communication like this.

Isaiah – the prophet of the Christ thousands of years before now said- “Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?”




The Anomaly-son for months and months before 2017 said somewhere in his writings, “now we will see more home-grown individuals working from the inside-out.” The Anomaly-son thought before, “France(Paris) and Turkey would do well in their skill in this kind of intelligence sweep to be ready for ‘trigger responses’ now- along with Germany, too.”


Why was the Anomaly-son doing this? To restore the breach in the nations between unbelief and faith, prayerlessness-prayerfulness, and the views on a powerless-Christ to an all powerful Christ to courageously with Specific Wisdom and Success given from Heaven like David (“you make me wiser than my enemies”) and Daniel with his “handwriting on the wall”- believe- God wants to root-out the terrorists and more faith and faithfulness can see that. Last night I held my hand out and asked- “Oh Lord God, by faith I believe You to root them out- in Christs’s omnipotent name – I believe!” My prayers are with the UK and other nations hit by all out terrorism. William Carey said, “Expect great things for God and Attempt great things for God.” Expect that He is there and He is not Silent (F. Schaeffer). This is a battle with spiritual forces of darkness moving in and out and up and over and under radar in high places. Pray that somehow God would use you- believe that He will- to expose them. Be His mouthpiece to this generation for the Risen Word- the Lion and the Lamb. Regarding the Spirit of God and the Declaration and knowledge of future things- Isaiah about 700 years before the Christ recorded the Lord asking regarding this past-present-future ability: “Who then is like Me?” (Isaiah 44:7)





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