The State of Affairs: Bits and Bites

The State of Affairs: Bits and Bites



     It was 2018 after the new “The Earthquake,” in the Middle East in a nation the size of Syria. It was all so ironic as deep under the earth North Korea was rocking the earth too.


For a while now the Syria slash Russia slash USA conflict was “set to the side” to gaze upon North Korea posing and positioning. In a weird way it was almost like it had been especially needed at certain times to regain focus.


“The Leader” of North Korea was just as the author of “Born to Rebel” (n.d.) had described the youngest sibling in a family: rebellious, revolutionary, and reckless at times. Everyone knew this leader was the type to go down with the ship just to “prove some radical point.”


Partisan Politics- who could say how many hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted on partisan politics like shooting down and idea because it was the other party’s idea. And what a waste- during crucial times on the world stage- to target and distract the Hippocampus of leaders, keeping them from doing something simply amazing; this too was a waste of hundreds of more millions of dollars. These were equal to mountains of cold, hard cash with a cat dozer pushing it into landfills and losing the potential of: focus and “for God and Country” in economic growth, the stabilizing of the world Economy, and increasing the value of the greenback and then restoring and creating jobs.




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