The Ever-Growing


The Ever-Growing

[April 20 2017]



It wasn’t like abnormally large hail stones were never heard of from time to time. But, this was different. They spun and accumulated and accumulated and spun and then like a sling- the wind shot them to earth at an angle- noticeably larger than normal hail-stones. The Anomaly son said, “so- let it be upon Your enemies Lord Most High.” Still- an Act of God on this magnitude always had a wider swath inclusive of ‘the innocents’ and ‘not so innocent.’ The world and key nations were on a course on the chessboard and anyone who plays chess knows “you just can’t pull your hand off of the chess piece to put it back on to pull back what went ahead.” So- the course on the chessboard went ahead with key players. The hail was shock and awe.




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