The Tumble


The Tumble

Posted: April 14/2017


They were shoring-up the boulders as fast as they could; but the snow, rain, and moisture put the handwriting on the wall. There were always an abundance of risk-takers. On the one side were whose who finally thought they had secured the stones and gave the official “okay!” On the other side were the drivers who looked at their maps through treacherous parts of the passageway and gave the “okay,” as their perfect risk-taker put their car into motion.


It wasn’t long before the snow- in terms of large tracts of land came down in the tons onto of tons of boulders the size of mid-sized cars. Nobody really knew whether it was the snow or rain that brought the mighty-wall down. The picture-frames 3-D-ed Space and Time.



[How past, present, and future work together is a real phenomena- but- He is the Past-Present-Future God as One.]



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