The Iranian-Sweat





He was hot- bubbling from the inside-out. Everything always started with the sweat-everything- from the brow to the bottom of one’s foot. He was sweating.


The North Koreans were acting-out and up again. It was always so much cheaper to just purchase an airline ticket for N.K. Mules to go from x to y than launch yet one more 1000 Kilometres and then- the plunge. So- some in the intelligence community just scratched their head and went, “humph-hmmmm.”


He was code-named “Carrier”- but, nobody knew what it was he was to carry. They worked him pretty hard leaving him with broken ribs. It was all too amazing that the Russians didn’t leave him with their typical TM- a bullet to the center of the head. Rather, they rolled him onto a busy street- beaten to a pulp.


He was just a “typical” Iranian Purchaser for major retail outlets who landed him in Vegas for an International Trade-show to look at and purchase the next “Tech-Cash-Cows.” Fads came and went and it was Ja-Heeth’s job to separate the next Cash Cow line of products from the “here today and gone tomorrow.”


Little did anyone know that the “Carrier” had been worked-over so hard that the containment inside of him had been compromised and was fractured at a sealant juncture? The North Korean enriched Plutonium Pellet had been contained just for delivery to a major “Sin City” event and was now uncontained and the “Carrier” – after his event-extravaganza with the Russians left him to roll quickly off the street as his unique sickness grew and grew as a clear and present danger.


(March 9th-10th /2017 to be continued…)



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