I am Dreamless or Less a Dream


Jackpath’s Dreams



Over the last handful of months I eradicated literally thousands of documents off of my laptop ranging from songs, to fictions, to short-stories, to reflections, thoughts, and on and on it goes as far as one can cast their imagination. From all the things I wrote I think that some wrongly got the idea I have “dreams” or I have a “dream.” To my knowledge I only have one dream wrapped-up in two: That every moment of every day or as much as is possible where I am at right now and where the Lord is with where I am at- Jesus Christ being the very Center of my life and Me to the glory of God and whatever that means and me thinx “both” dreams are really only One Dream. Of course we all have desires that have to do with each and every moment as our days tick by and we hope things will work-out as we had hoped for…but, those are daily. Other than that said, “I have not one dream I can think of- I am for all intents and purposes- ‘dreamless.’” Is that Cynicism masquerading as ‘just is?’ I’ve never had “a big dream.” 



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