Pithy Sayings and Thoughts: February 16th


Pithy Sayings and Thoughts: February 16th



With every day the world ticks on, the internet and my laptop become more and more- ever increasingly- intuitive just for me.



There is a range of intuitive where we don’t become so lazy and impatient and attention deficit that we just stop doing some of the hard work on our own. And then there is just the right range of intuitive that we are no longer a peninsula- but, an island. We have joined something greater to lean on and at times something much smarter.


It has been said we retain only about 20% of that which we studied. Is it really that high?


They say that men over 50 have a staggering % of suicides in N.A. compared to other age groups. “Why is that?” That’s the question experts are asking. Is that a comment on anything we should be concerned about- the “experts” or “suicides.”


The winter beat my head empty. Now, I can hardly have even just one intelligent thought per. 2 days. Why?


It has been said the more we learn the more we will discover how much we don’t know- and then come the flurry of questions. I can see that- can you?


It is clear now- the Schwa is Canada’s East/West NSA and they do it with impunity, won’t relent, and are endorsed by criminals and organized crime as well as “the constitutional” to do any little thing they want.


David never allowed Goliath one more rant of impunity and to just simply walk all over him and the nation God loved- Israel. “You are the New Israel,” says Paul. Eventually- eventually the house of cards will just crumble and fall.









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