An Act of Art: The Well Tied-up


An Act of Art: The Well Tied-up


The roar was; but it wasn’t. It went from Victoria to the furthest eastern tip of Newfoundland; but, it didn’t. It had eyes; but, it was blind. It had ears; but, it was deaf. If the truth were a lie and a lie the truth, both were the same to the unknowing! But, what the hey; it was a day and age when everyone knew everything.


Every buzz was on the wire and lips like Bee wings were buzzing with the buzz. No phone-call came in that wasn’t broad-cast. No move was made that didn’t move a thing or two. And no thing or two moved an inch without a motion. To the knowing nothing was encrypted.


From shore to shore they were more powerful than the NSA. After-all, it only took a handful of hundreds of years to boil things down to only two parties in the Great North and in the Great South. It almost seemed inevitable- but, it was. It almost seemed a pathetic monolith of dualities- but, it was. Yet, they both spoke with one voice and used the many means to make The One.


He shook his head and said to the constitutionally endorsed, “how are there now two one’s? Is this some new world order or is it just the order of things? Am I alone in this?“ And every nation intrigued by it wanted it- the constitutionally endorsed or not. It was the same it.


It was an odd thing- the “constitution” was droned. The unconstitutional eyes, ears, and mouths- as a monolith weren’t droned. But, Divinity too Roared from shore to shore, from the North to the South and the South to the North. A Sceptre of Righteousness was held high and a rod of iron smote and shook the nations.


The unexplainable Viral came and went like the waves of the ocean throwing-up froth and then not. The community thought this would be too important to not keep predicting- “the froth is coming to stay a while and we’re not sure if we will be able to calm the many waters when it comes.” It was in this eyes, ears, lips anything and everything became moot. He said, “I warned you forever and a day.” It wasn’t exactly a fiction you could just sell, but those in the know perked-up.  


It all had been in play for several days now…but, yesternight something different was “Released.”



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