You Need a Providential-Deposit of Child-like Faith


When I was 5 years old the Lord Jesus began teaching me about a faith that can move mountains. I looked at a bird in a tree and wanted it to land on my shoulder. I believed it would if I whistled to it. So- I whistled and it came down and landed on my shoulder. I was so shocked and amazed that I ran into the house with it on my shoulder and it jumped off and flew around the room while my mother and grandmother were playing bingo. My mother is still alive and to this day can testify- yes- the bird on my shoulder disrupted their bingo game. Jesus calls us to have faith as a little child. Even today- “all things are possible to those who believe.” To me- Faith is an Act of Providence and a Providential-Deposit when God wants to move and prove the glory of His might. It wasn’t something I just “whipped-up”- rather, it just was. In all sincerity and belief: “Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved.” He saves us from dangers we may or may no know about. And- the future of a bad outcome at the judgement seat when we pass-on (if we believingly embrace Jesus the Christ). Only believe and cast off all forms of “wishful hope”- rather, embrace Biblical-Hope…God is no liar.



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