I Hate How “Hope” is Used Sometimes




Biblical Hope is not as the world uses the word “Hope” (e.g. I hope so, maybe it will come or maybe it won’t). It can be extremely blind and when some dream is set-out as a mantle-piece and it never comes to pass that hope was useless and empty at the end of the day.


Christian Hope is a “for sure something great, wonderful, and awesome is coming your way- 100% for sure.” “He works all things together for the good (ours/others) to those who love Him and are called according to His Will. Now that is a hope. There is no point in the author of Hebrews speaking of a hope that is an anchor to our soul if it is “The Maybe-Hope.” Heaven is not “maybe.” The good works God before-hand preordained for us to do individually and cooperatively are not a “Maybe-Hope.” They are at every corner we turn- so, that’s Purpose- that’s Biblical Hope beloved.


I hate the word “hope” when I hear it used like it is some coin tossed into a well with an “I wish…” hope. People need hope that goes and exceeds beyond a hopeful-dream. They need the essentials and more to even consider their hopes/dreams, first. We should never hold out hope the same way Lotto Ticket people hope their ticket will win because then we mantle and showcase people and say, “see what can be done…you can do it too…” Really?! That is wishful-thinking until it manifests and when it manifests- that is a Lotto-Ticket-Moment that is oh so very rare. Most of us spend most of our lives outside of the rare- rather- we live-out everyday things and if we have “The Hope of Christ” that is a 100% will come to pass as we continue this race to the very end.


God can and will intervene in his Kids’ lives now and later He will usher all into Heaven who trusted Him and His promises that Eternal Life is Now and Eternal Life will be Then too- only then- we’ll be in Heaven. That’s no wishful thinking. It is De Facto.


Father God- show the reader the difference between shallow-empty-hope with no guarantees and Your Sure-Hope anchored in Jesus who is now seated at the Right Hand of all Power.    



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