The Phenomenal Sometimes Isn’t Absurd At All: Open Your Mind!

I am a radical for good reasons- I research a thing right to its death and then see if the

Repeatable can resurrect it.


I was with those Australian Doctors who changed medical textbooks forever that claimed that

Bacteria just could not exist in the acidic content of the stomach-Helicobacter pylori (It was identified in 1982 by Australian scientists Barry Marshall and Robin Warren). And I am with those who say it is linked strongly to heart attacks- all the way (not every heart-attack- but, something substantial).

I am with the Perth Group on the whole idea that what people were looking at in terms of the bruising and hair falling-out wasn’t “HIV” related because, first- HIV doesn’t exist. All people are looking at is protein junk under a microscope. And- textbooks written by Virologists should then be re-written just to sustain the argument that HIV is a retrovirus since it doesn’t meet the criteria of the retrovirus.

I am all for those Psychiatrists and Psychologists who say that Schizophrenia doesn’t exist and the term itself is damaging to patients and damaging to treating the symptoms traditionally associated with the term. (e.g. It was First Dr. Bentall who revolutionized my thinking on this one. And then, much like the first two examples of what I call “Breaking the Paradigm” – other folk in the fields of science came along. Terms like “Nature Trumps Nurture” (Baroness Greenfield) and Epigenetics are somewhere in the mix.

[No- I don’t hear voices or chase ghosts and UFOs at night :>) Really!]


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