The Non-Humanitarian Continue…




The Non-Humanitarian


[Short-story abbrv. Version]


The Anomaly-son mumbled to himself, “I can’t believe that the CIA, FBI, CSIS, and MI6 have no idea what this monster mason is up to…the ʃwɑ is incessant and won’t give-up and forever decimate the likes of me from the face of the earth- psychological-warfare-wise.” He continued, “if they do know it’s going on, why are they allowing this New World Order using media to speak to form and congeal and eventually coagulate in the veins of democracy?”


So, the Anomaly-son realized that by prayer and petition things had to go back to signs and wonders in the sky above and the earth beneath. He had been keeping track of words that 3-D-ed as he prayed and the last one was Avalanche. He just hadn’t been recording what was and was to come typing-wise. What would be next onto the scene? Then he complained to the Most High, “Oh Lord God, Maker of Heaven and Earth and Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord- hear my petition. My enemies have set-out to rub me off of the face of the earth- my reputation as credible.  But, You oh God have sustained me in the wilderness- in the desert valleys of my complaint.”


He continued The Prayer…”Now Oh God, make an example of the ʃwɑ and their massive glob perverting justice and sewing inequity. You sent the fire and the flood – the stones and the wind- record smashing- and they won’t listen. You know Lord this is true- You oh God heard my cries and sent the 3-Ds. Now, oh living God lay hold of them and the likes of them- the nefarious masons- this mason- and lay them Low for their Linguistic-Abuses…none the less than Murdoch himself perverting the media. Lay their likes and their organization and their network flat. Cause a “flatline” Oh Lord omnipotent. Shake the telephone poles and lines if needs be.”


Then he thought, all this work for the 4 unrewarded- don’t they know it was the Anomaly-son who at 3 AM- Oct. 22 was provoked to prayer for the PM-Harper and then to pinball-text as he slung it out there- words in code with Ottawa and Calgary (e.g. calg.)- the shooting that didn’t go as far as it could have. Don’t they know it was he who prayed for their leaders- and especially that leader that night as he had a vision of “the ceiling” in Ottawa. Surely, faithfulness will have to be rewarded and recognized later somewhere, some time, and some place- surely. He thought, “a great reward would simply spell- stop them and so many people will be blessed in that one simple reward…”  



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