Poem: The Cross of Christ (what does that mean?)


The Cross of Christ


A Blood Stained Tree on that Blessed Day

Your sacrifice made Opened Up the Way

Your bruised Heel on the Cursed Tree

You crushed Satan’s head Just For Me

Hallelujah Christ Has Come

Our Victory Tree for Christ has Won!


He bled and died on that Dreadful Day

Oh Son of God what can we Say?

Jesus the Lamb of God- Meant to Be

Crucified Lamb for all to See

Behold the Lamb of God Who Has Come

His last breath he said, “It is Done!”


Jesus- the Truth, the Life, the Way

Eternal Life- It’s You we Embrace

The Greatest Love Hung on that Tree

Salvation’s way opened to You and Me

Bless His Name- Bless the Holy One

Jesus is Alive- “It is Done! It is Done!”




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