January 20 Pithy Sayings and Thoughts




Wisdom Literature


Pithy Sayings and Thoughts




Given the right communication platform, paranoia is a potent contagion. It simply takes just one paranoid person’s perspective to sweep across a whole swath of people in just moments.



If you are too much something or too little something- that is the state of imbalance.


People can be like a car with wheels that are not aligned. If one is off- the whole car will steer in that direction. Balance is needed to stay on the road.


Without determination in action, all you have is fantasy.




Most negative emotions are the gateway to the path that leads back to- word for word- foolish thinking- the source of those negative emotions.


Most Anger tells us that there is a blocked goal to some foolish idea of where wholeness is found.


Most Anxiety tells us that there is a profound fear that a goal will not be reached and tells us we have some foolish idea of where wholeness is found.


Most chosen emotions of guilt are simply a result of pursuing goals that are unreachable. Feelings that the situation should have been controllable and outcome wholeness ensue.


Faith in Jesus without holiness is dead faith. It is merely a fantasy that one is in sync. with the will of God.


“Scrimping by” in this or that is always filled with a series of ongoing choices. In those choices is the choice to- at very least- survive.


Sometimes our choices have led us to a place we were never destined to be because at the end of the day- God is good.


When one is at the edge of a cliff that plummets hundreds of feet down- fear is normal.


When one has done something the Holy Bible told them not to do- guilt is normal.


When injustice prevails over us- anger is normal; but most anger doesn’t have fruition to the righteousness of God.


Are you even aware of your emotions- because- if you are not- others are.


Because we do not feel whole- we pursue a feeling of wholeness. That is where most addictions begin.


The New World Order of Social-Engineering cripples people with anxiety through Linguistic-Trickery and then tells them to stand up and walk. How full of fool-dom is that?



The fool has said in his own heart and most likely to others, “there is no God.”


Severe testing begs the question, “what will his/her character do now?”









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