What Made Me an Anomaly? A Child of the Most High God?






My Testimony:


What makes me an Anomaly in the “Miraculous Sense”


About 35 years ago I was in my bedroom one Sunday- in the Fall-time making my bed. The night before some guy approached a group of us- we were in our late teen’s then- and shared the gospel story and his own testimony of how he came out of a life of partying into the New Life of Christ. He had us repeat a sinner’s prayer after him and then basically that was it. Right then nothing happened to me. Not one tiny little thing. I felt nothing. I definitely didn’t feel New. I had not experienced the New Birth.


I had grown up as a Roman Catholic- and so- by the Grace of God believed there was a God- but, as for being a Christian- I was as lost as lost could be. I knew there was a God; but I had no idea that I needed to experience what is called by Jesus being “born again” or “born from above.” So- I threw my blanket on my bed, as I was making it, and complained that I felt nothing at all and so “the prayer” made no difference whatsoever.


Right then, the Presence of God came into that room and it was an all consuming presence. It was the Holy Spirit and He laid upon me a sense of guilt and opened my eyes to something I never saw before- I was a sinner in need of a Saviour. In grade 5 I had received a Protestant New Testament from the Gideon’s and had it in my junk box under the bed and was moved deeply to get it out. Then the word “Salvation” came to my mind and I was to look at the beginning where varying words were listed in alphabetical order including “Salvation” with verses beside them. The presence of God was Pressing through each stage of coming to Him.


I always hated the word “Salvation” because it sounded oh so out of Sync. with society- especially the last part of the Hippy-movement society. But, I found a verse that said God had given me His only Son to be my object of faith and another verse that was black and white: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.” The convincing presence of God would not go away, and prior to those verses, I was saying that I was “sorry” for my being out of Sync. with God. Just then, the solution came and I said by the Power of the Spirit “I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.”


Right then cleanness came into my heart. I was washed and was given New Birth from above. A Joy came into my heart and I kept saying in the mirror, “it’s real, it’s real, it’s really real.” I was alone that day and no body was there to “lead me to Christ.” But, the Holy Spirit was there and He brought me into a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Have I been a perfect example? Not by any stretch of the imagination. But, considering that moment and the countless miraculous moments after that one- I am thus and therefore an Anomaly. Most people come to Christ through another person or because of attending a church.

My life is Bed-Rock-ed in the Presence of the Living God and in the Power of the Living God through the blood shed by His Son as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” Blessings on you reader as you consider the Narrow Path for your own soul. Bless the Lord oh my soul!!!



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