Day 2 Intimacy with Christ: Praying Continually




Day 2

Intimacy with Jesus: Praying Continually

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

“Rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”




Some people can pray their whole life-time every day and not be closer to Jesus than when they prayed their very first prayer. What does this mean? If I wrote-out ten words, like a doctor prescribes medicine and said, “here, now pray these ten words every day and only these ten words,” I would call that prescription-praying not relational-prayer. It is relational prayer the author under the wisdom of the Holy Spirit has in mind here.


Relational prayer is very similar to conversation. So, some people call their prayer times conversational-prayer. For example, when praying for a sick child one could say, “Oh Lord Jesus, I pray for my daughter’s cancer and cry-out to you that you might heal her. Have mercy oh Son of God, You can do anything Lord Jesus. Please, take-up my petition and heal my child! I believe in You.” That is conversational prayer and we are to pray like that in terms of it being very relational and not prescription-like.


It is said that, “Enoch walked with God” and he did so for hundreds of years. Imagine walking through life chatting with the Lord about everything. Imagine Enoch conversing with the Lord who is there and is not silent every day of his life. That is what I believe it means to “pray continually.” There is no other path to having an intimate walk with Jesus than the path that has continual prayer. We may have seasons where we lapse into silence; but those seasons are not the Lord’s fault that we have grown cold in this way. Consider your personal relationships. I hear this often that when a relationship is growing cold that there really isn’t much valuable and deeply relational conversation going on in that relationship. Think about if you just stopped speaking to your spouse for a whole year what would happen. Intimacy would be cut-short.


The thrilling Adventure God has for you is intimacy with Jesus through continual conversational prayer with praise, petition, and quoting His promises back to Him by faith that He will do just what He promised He will do. Try it, you might be shocked at the wonder-filled places He takes you.



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