The Non-Humanitarian: The Report from Inside





The Non-Humanitarian


He was a head Mason of Masons across Canada. He had okayed the use of syntactical-semantic-word-manipulation to harass people into good behaviour. The thing people called “the game” had engulfed millions of Canadians- but, it was anything but a game. It was pure and simple harassment and he envisioned this corrections-Canada to now expand onto the tube and radio. It was actually an act of God that they were not already festering like an infected and open wound upon the face of Canada in mainstream media, being the net, tube, and radio.


It wasn’t that it was anti-Christian, but it was. It wasn’t that it was anti-constitution, but it was. It wasn’t that it was meant to be malicious, but it was. It wasn’t that it was all anti-privacy, but it was. Todd was his name, he was 53, and he envisioned the game going mainstream media- and so he wanted the media to join hands with the will and purpose of the Masons.


There was still that part of society that went, “huh? Game, what game?” and they were on their way to becoming a societal- obsolete. They were .001% of the adult population in the country.


Some Christians called them a massively large cult- these masters of manipulating the spoken word- while other Christians were like a monkey that got the next pop-culture-banana caught in a hole and wouldn’t let go until they spiritually perished.


It was a linguistic phenomena that it even existed at all; A Linguistic-magician’s hat-trick, it was. The reason it was like “magic,” is you could say a thing once and have it grammatically and syntactically out of place without hardly anybody noticing, like saying, “What a great afternoon, the DOG sun is out and we can go for a walk” and those not playing the game or not at the wrong end of their beating stick wouldn’t hear at all if it was said once.


The whole idea was for the person in proximity to their voice to hear. If they had been a “dog” or in cases where they were not anything, they were supposed to pick-up on the word “dog.” Normally, in the game, words would be used several times for the day. So, “dog” would be used more than once in the victims proximity. And somehow- Todd wanted to mainstream their corrections-element in it all so to pin-hole almost gps-wise a person to death- and some people did commit suicide because of it- but, Todd didn’t care about that. He was obsessed to impose “their will.”


Todd had Mason friends in the high order of things and he pressured them and said, “if you don’t embrace the game on some level you will be out of jobs because the internet hasn’t finished taking the world by storm.” These leaders of the nation had to agree because “they had no choice but to agree.” In all reality they were agreeing to the highest abuses of human rights the nation would ever see. Todd was supposed to be humanitarian at heart- but, he was not and he was investment driven. [To be continued oh wiser than me ones across this nation Canada?]


Todd the master Mason of Masons met with the media later and said, “here is how we want to play this and have a platform for a voice across the country. First, we need your producers on board and they need to know who is in the game and who isn’t in their interviews. Second, we need control over what it is we want to say. We don’t only want gamers saying any little ol thing they want to say. Then it all degenerates into conflict. Third, we need to be able to speak on the fly too. This is where programmers and programs come in. They need to be programmable and to make use of the phonetic sounds of the one speaking. For instance, if I were on television and I turned my back to speak, and if I want ‘it’ to say what I want ‘it’ to say using my voice- that is how we want it. So, we need you to invest for the future of this and we believe we already have the technology to pull this one off. Fourth, noisy snakes in the grass need to be dealt with. We don’t care how you shut them up- just – hone in on them and shut them up.” Todd proved himself to be a nefarious character and proved his character was nefarious.

The Anomaly-son Steps In …

The Anomaly-son stepped in and simply said, “fine then oh nefarious one- catastrophic from the inside out.” And so, it was January 12th when the Anomaly-son said this, and it came to pass from the inside to the outward in an icy blast. He knew not what it all meant until it had come to pass or was more of the same to come?  



[You may have noticed this topic has come-up before in my fictions over the last 3 years of reflecting on where all of this could go- the theme- that is. This one goes deeper than all the others put together.]




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