Day 1 Intimacy with Jesus: Being Aware of Your Focus




Day 1

Intimacy with Jesus: Being Aware of Your Focus

Hebrews 12:1C-2A

“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”



Today, as I went for my walk, I was thinking about what separates us from simply living our lives like the other creatures around us and living our lives as self-aware beings. Creatures of the land, sky, and sea live their lives out of instinct and are purely reactionary. You won’t find a creature on this planet who thinks, “My name is ______, nice to meet you.”


Humans are self-aware. We are aware of who we are in degrees. We live our lives both instinctually and with self-awareness. To know what our “focus” is requires a measure of self-awareness. Focus is a big part of Intimacy with the Son of God. So, being aware of our focus is a big part of intimacy with The Christ- The Saving One.


In this verse, we are told to fix our eyes on Jesus. How do we know if our eyes fixed on Him? That requires self-awareness. Are you self-aware of what your eyes are fixed on? What our eyes are fixed on can truncate intimacy with Christ because we are so fixated on other things.


Life is replete with things to be obsessed with to the point that those things make-up our life-schedules and make important decisions for us. Another way to say it is- life itself can consume our attention to the degree we are by no means intimate with Jesus Christ. Because of that fact, we must be self-aware that this is what is happening to the core of our attention. Second, we must grab our attention and fix it on Jesus.


Jesus is found in the Living Word of God, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, and in His people. So- we have to lay hold of our thoughts and intentions and spend time with each of these by faith to discover Intimacy with Jesus. Intimacy with Jesus is “oh so worth it!!!”


Prayer to Pray: Lord Jesus, today I take hold of my attention and turn it to you. I desire intimacy with you- and so, I give my heart, soul, strength, and mind to that end. As I fix my eyes on You, fill my life with Your Own Blessed Self.








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