It was like a gigantic fish

June 22 2017



The Sinkhole was like a gigantic fish waiting for its bait to just fall into its mouth. The Derailment was questioned by questioners with a list of about 100 points they had to go over forever and a day…metaphorically speaking…Their philosophy was “when it’s your time to go it’s your time to go.” They said, “No, it can’t be Him who brought, catered to, or allowed this- it has nothing to do with Him.” He said, “He is there and He is not silent” as water rushed in all directions. The snow still wasn’t finished.   

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The Many Ways God Speaks and Has Spoken


Important Synonyms: Has God Been Speaking to Humanity by Varying Means?

These days we have seen powerful forces knock down trees, bring torrential rains and hail, tornadoes forming here and there, and flooding. Lots of flooding. Humanistic-wise and Naturalist-wise we call these “mother nature” with no mention of any other power in control or in control by permitting certain things. In the Bible there are two powers at work but not two equals-in-power regarding nature. Job experienced the prince of darkness wrangling-up a storm that destroyed him (not unto death) and gave him a severe sickness too. And then, through the rest of the Bible we don’t hear of this except that the Lord is in control down to that first speck of static electricity building in the clouds above- and rules over the Prince of Darkness.

You might want to thump me on the head speaking of current disasters in these terms- but, it is actually good news- If God is the chief instigator in mostly all of what we see- then He is in charge as we petition Him to stop- to stop any nature-based disaster in the name of His Son. And Wisdom- people need His Wisdom in how to cope. Me, I’ve been through flooding in my own abode watching my important paper-work float around losing its ink-power. I’ve lived with huge flying ants out of control. I’ve had my car basically written off due to the size of hail between golf-ball to tennis ball sized hail as I sat helpless in my car. The verses I provide were inspired by he fact so many trees were just “brought down to the ground” recently…read on- it’s all no stranger to God Himself.

1. The Word of God: the Bible or a word/wisdom/warning/encouragement of the Holy Spirit to an individual or individuals

From the Bible in Acts 11

“During this time some prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch. One of them, named Agabus, stood up and through the Spirit predicted that a severe famine would spread over the entire Roman world. (This happened during the reign of Claudius.)”

2. The Living Word of God: Jesus the Christ

From the Bible- John 1

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

From the Bible- Hebrews 1

“In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.

3. The Voice of the Lord: What people call “nature”- He speaks through nature

Ascribe to the Lord, you heavenly beings, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness. The voice of the Lord is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord thunders over the mighty waters.
4 The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is majestic. The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars; the Lord breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon. He makes Lebanon leap like a calf, Sirion like a young wild ox. The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lightning. The voice of the Lord shakes the desert; the Lord shakes the Desert of Kadesh. The voice of the Lord twists the oaks
and strips the forests bare. And in his temple all cry, “Glory!”

The Lord sits enthroned over the flood;
the Lord is enthroned as King forever.
The Lord gives strength to his people;
the Lord blesses his people with peace.

[If your life has been turned upside down turn in prayer to the one who can start a disaster or stop a disaster collectively for His Son’s Name Sake- Jesus Christ.]

4. The Declarations, Proclamations, the pouring forth of Speech, …

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them.
Yet their voice goes out into all the earth,
their words to the ends of the world.

5. God speaks through His Providence (governance over all things) – at just the right time- not a second late or a second too soon…

“But when the son of Paul’s sister heard of this plot, he went into the barracks and told Paul.” [By Providence
he was in the right place at the right time at the beginning and delivered the message to Paul at just the right time.] His “down to the details” speaks to us.

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The Anomaly-son’s Journey Continues – June 1st prayer time…later…our tornado- June 2nd

A Promise in a Psalm: “Delight yourself in the LORD,
and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

A Question from the Prophet-Evangelist-Preacher Isaiah of old: “Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?”

Jesus said of Effectual-Prayer that is Rewarded: “But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.”

June 1st the Anomaly-son prayed in secret and realized the desire of his heart and realized that God loves to answer all manner of prayer. The Anomaly-son of God prayed like this on June 1st. on his knees: “Lord, send a storm this way for the peoples to hear your voice and see your power- send a storm that displays your power- like- not just some hum-drum storm.” The Anomaly-son had almost always loved the rumbling rolling echoing sound of a storm with flashes of lightening and had entertained in his mind’s eye a tornado- seeing a tornado.

Someone might say, “how terrible you would pray such a thing,” and let me say- the whole planet needs lightening to strike the earth for crops and vegetation to have the nutrients in the soil for all things to grow…so, no- nutrients and God displaying his power to say, “He is There and He is Not Silent” as he displays by the things we see his Eternal Power isn’t a “negative” always (e.g. the Aurora Borealis has been doing some unique things lately). (Paul, Romans 1:20). The word tornado was a buzz during prayer a short while before and the question was- “why?” in some sense- but, “wait and see” in another.

The other day for the first time in his life he saw an actual tornado approach his home town 5 clicks outside of town and it was Numinous-Dark-Powerful…the storm and the tornado- but, it was glorious too. As with most storms that hit this planet- no life was lost- but, I wonder about the lives that saw the tornado- do they know that they saw the right hand of “the arm of the Lord” (His great ability in all things as He chooses what He chooses to do day to day.) One thing for sure the peoples saw “the arm of the LORD” and so answered Isaiah’s question- did they know what they were really looking at? God richly bless you reader.

[I am a “born from above Christ-centered believer Mystic in many ways”- call it whatever you call it – this is what I call it and over the last 5+ years my prayer life has been “Lively” within the context of me writing. One thing for sure- when I don’t spend time on my knees “listening” and “requesting” and “worshipping” and then time on this blog as the life of The Anomaly-son unfolds…I tend to dry-up. But- in these matters dry or not- I persevere friend because I believe the impossible.]

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The Chronicles of the Anomaly-son Cont…


The Anomaly-son’s Chronicles continue on…


Meditation verse just given several days before and as he Meditated on it the more clear it became. He was seeking 0% notoriety for whatever came of things just 3-D-ing- prior in thought, meditation, spirit and the output of communication like this.

Isaiah – the prophet of the Christ thousands of years before now said- “Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?”




The Anomaly-son for months and months before 2017 said somewhere in his writings, “now we will see more home-grown individuals working from the inside-out.” The Anomaly-son thought before, “France(Paris) and Turkey would do well in their skill in this kind of intelligence sweep to be ready for ‘trigger responses’ now- along with Germany, too.”


Why was the Anomaly-son doing this? To restore the breach in the nations between unbelief and faith, prayerlessness-prayerfulness, and the views on a powerless-Christ to an all powerful Christ to courageously with Specific Wisdom and Success given from Heaven like David (“you make me wiser than my enemies”) and Daniel with his “handwriting on the wall”- believe- God wants to root-out the terrorists and more faith and faithfulness can see that. Last night I held my hand out and asked- “Oh Lord God, by faith I believe You to root them out- in Christs’s omnipotent name – I believe!” My prayers are with the UK and other nations hit by all out terrorism. William Carey said, “Expect great things for God and Attempt great things for God.” Expect that He is there and He is not Silent (F. Schaeffer). This is a battle with spiritual forces of darkness moving in and out and up and over and under radar in high places. Pray that somehow God would use you- believe that He will- to expose them. Be His mouthpiece to this generation for the Risen Word- the Lion and the Lamb. Regarding the Spirit of God and the Declaration and knowledge of future things- Isaiah about 700 years before the Christ recorded the Lord asking regarding this past-present-future ability: “Who then is like Me?” (Isaiah 44:7)




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The State of Affairs: Bits and Bites

The State of Affairs: Bits and Bites



     It was 2018 after the new “The Earthquake,” in the Middle East in a nation the size of Syria. It was all so ironic as deep under the earth North Korea was rocking the earth too.


For a while now the Syria slash Russia slash USA conflict was “set to the side” to gaze upon North Korea posing and positioning. In a weird way it was almost like it had been especially needed at certain times to regain focus.


“The Leader” of North Korea was just as the author of “Born to Rebel” (n.d.) had described the youngest sibling in a family: rebellious, revolutionary, and reckless at times. Everyone knew this leader was the type to go down with the ship just to “prove some radical point.”


Partisan Politics- who could say how many hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted on partisan politics like shooting down and idea because it was the other party’s idea. And what a waste- during crucial times on the world stage- to target and distract the Hippocampus of leaders, keeping them from doing something simply amazing; this too was a waste of hundreds of more millions of dollars. These were equal to mountains of cold, hard cash with a cat dozer pushing it into landfills and losing the potential of: focus and “for God and Country” in economic growth, the stabilizing of the world Economy, and increasing the value of the greenback and then restoring and creating jobs.



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Meditations in the letter to the Ephesians: #23






Ephesians 2:14-16

“For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, by setting aside in his flesh the law with its commands and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new humanity out of the two, thus making peace, and in one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hostility.”



The Apostle John speaks to one part of this in the Book of John and says, “Out of his (Clarification: the Living-Word-Jesus) fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” Grace to this grace in Jesus Christ simply means that from Adam to Jesus God had dispensed a certain kind of Grace by calling out men, women, and children to Himself and by revealing His Nature, Power, and His Will to a called-out peoples prior to the Incarnation of Jesus (God become flesh).


The writer of this first verse (the Apostle Paul) begins speaking to the Law of Moses (which wasn’t antithetical to Grace) and of Jesus Christ begins with the word “peace.” This Peace that is Jesus Christ Himself as God the Son- son of man and Son of God entered two areas in the lives of the Ephesians: 1.) The enmity between the Jews and Gentiles or what one would consider irreconcilable differences. 2.) The enmity between God and Hebraic/Jewish and Gentile peoples who were Not at peace with God. This Apostle Paul says, “For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!”


Do you know what’s on God’s Heart of Hearts right now? Peace and Oneness are on God’s heart for all of mankind and there is only one door when mankind will be reconciled to mankind who are at enmity and there is only one door for all these peoples from the North to the South to the East to the West – the vast expanse of planet earth- God in Jesus Christ by the work and power of the Spirit. When we become one with Jesus- by faith- in His name, we immediately become “at peace” with our fellow man which we were once at war with over differences. Now, in Jesus- we find all manner of mankind in all manner of places on the earth with all manner of languages and dialects- One- One Holy Church unified.


Also- we become “at peace” with God the Father through God the Son- Jesus the Christ- by the Sovereign Work and Power of the Spirit. This Oneness is surely Liberty- Liberty from Moses Law which no man had perfectly kept til Jesus came and in his body fulfilled obeying every single command in his body- his flesh. It is liberty from everyone scattered going in all manner of directions as Jesus said, “I AM the gate.” So- we are on the same team as it were. Isn’t that Good News…reconciled to others and reconciled back into God’s Liberty as it says: “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Reader, how do I know Oneness/Unity is on God’s heart? Jesus prayed in what was called His Great High Priestly Prayer: “Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one. The Spirit of the Living God is crying-out and working together for Oneness among God’s family of believers full of diversity- yet- similarity and He is crying-out that we may be One with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit even as they just are and choose to be One.  




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The Ever-Growing


The Ever-Growing

[April 20 2017]



It wasn’t like abnormally large hail stones were never heard of from time to time. But, this was different. They spun and accumulated and accumulated and spun and then like a sling- the wind shot them to earth at an angle- noticeably larger than normal hail-stones. The Anomaly son said, “so- let it be upon Your enemies Lord Most High.” Still- an Act of God on this magnitude always had a wider swath inclusive of ‘the innocents’ and ‘not so innocent.’ The world and key nations were on a course on the chessboard and anyone who plays chess knows “you just can’t pull your hand off of the chess piece to put it back on to pull back what went ahead.” So- the course on the chessboard went ahead with key players. The hail was shock and awe.



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The Tumble


The Tumble

Posted: April 14/2017


They were shoring-up the boulders as fast as they could; but the snow, rain, and moisture put the handwriting on the wall. There were always an abundance of risk-takers. On the one side were whose who finally thought they had secured the stones and gave the official “okay!” On the other side were the drivers who looked at their maps through treacherous parts of the passageway and gave the “okay,” as their perfect risk-taker put their car into motion.


It wasn’t long before the snow- in terms of large tracts of land came down in the tons onto of tons of boulders the size of mid-sized cars. Nobody really knew whether it was the snow or rain that brought the mighty-wall down. The picture-frames 3-D-ed Space and Time.



[How past, present, and future work together is a real phenomena- but- He is the Past-Present-Future God as One.]


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Intimacy with Jesus: Loving Jesus with the Love We Started with




Intimacy with Jesus: Loving Jesus with the Love We Started with

Matthew 15:8-9

These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.  They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.

Revelation 2:4

Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first. Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first.

Hosea 10:12

I said, ‘Plant the good seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of love. Plough up the hard ground of your hearts, for now is the time to seek the LORD, that he may come and shower righteousness upon you.’

When Moses began to teach the children of Israel the commands, decrees, and laws of God one- emphatic stood-out and that was: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” John said, “we love him, because He first loved us.” Another verse stands-out in the book of Revelation metaphorically on this point regarding Heart Matters, and it goes: I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. (The Lord Jesus speaking in John’s Revelation 3:15,16)


As I have meditated on Revelation 2:4 about “first love” and the other verses which deal more with the heart- it finally dawned on me- nothing that would look like a “return to first love” (the way we loved Him when we first became intimate with Him) would look like following some kind of “letter of the law.” First love wouldn’t be all law-ish. Rather- it all began with the Grace, Love, and Mercy of God and for us to return to Him with everything- it would all be because of God’s Grace, Love, and Mercy. Tis why the verse that John gives us is so important: “We love him, because He first loved us.”


Allowing all that God did at the beginning til now In The Name of Love will lead us to a watershed moment again and again with checks and stops (or Signs and Wonders and Providence leading onward- like a Polar Bear recently appearing at a cross standing up and 100% looked like it was praying) that always lead us back to the Good Shepherd who “loved us and gave Himself for us.” (Paul) Allow the Grace and Love of God to grip your heart over the matter of His goodness and remember it is always He who initiates our Exodus back to Him in first love and with all our heart.




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Day 19 Intimacy with Jesus: Recalling God’s Faithfulness




Day 4 or 19


Intimacy with Jesus: Recalling God’s Faithfulness



1 Thessalonians 5:23-24


May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 24 The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.


1 Corinthians 1:8-9


He will also keep you firm to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.



King David- a man “after God’s own heart-” penned the beginning of this Psalm saying: “Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” It is oh so easy to get caught up in the moment when we’re in the eye-of-the-storm and the sails and all the ropes are just snapping. But- in spite of the many trials and tribulations David prescribed under the power and guidance of the Spirit these words, forget not all of His benefits.” Sometimes, just when we should be remembering God’s previous “benefits” or acts of faithfulness, we fly apart scrambling in some trial with our eyes on the trial and not on “Him Who called you is Faithful.” We lose center. So- David in his many trials did what he often times did and he simply spoke himself back into Center. Intimacy with Jesus Christ means that we must sometimes speak ourselves back into Centeredness with a mini song or sermon.



Both of the letters- one to the Church in Thessalonica and the other in the city of Corinth and passages of the Bible are very similar in that they insure God’s Activity in our lives to get us all the way through life filled with Eternal Life right to the very end – because God is Faithful. That is a foundational truth to put our trust and faith in with Jesus Christ as God’s Lord over all creation. It is a foundational truth to put our faith and trust in the Holy Spirit having come and having been sent by the Father and Son to see to it we ourselves are faithful to the end by God’s Own Faithfulness. Paul describes this intimacy as being God “who has called you into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ.” That is a clear Ecclesiological and Christological truth- the concept that both the Church and teaching about Jesus the Christ are centered on this point- that we may Know Him and Make Him known. Next time you can’t fall asleep try counting all the great things God has done for us The Church and individually in our own lives instead of sheep- who knows- maybe the door to the things you desire is right there in simply being Intimate with Jesus by recounting His Greatness and Great deeds for us past-tense and in this life forevermore. AMEN.    


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Intimacy with Jesus: Being Led by Him and Following Him



Day 3 or 18


Intimacy with Jesus: Being Led by Him and Following Him



Exodus 13:21-22


“By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. 22 Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.”


Acts 8:26


“Now an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying, “Arise and go toward the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” This is desert. 27 So he arose and went.”


Acts 9:10-11


In Damascus there was a disciple named Ananias. The Lord called to him in a vision, “Ananias!” “Yes, Lord,” he answered. 11 The Lord told him, “Go to the house of Judas on Straight Street and ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul, for he is praying.


In all three of these passages, we see God’s people being Led by Him and Following that leading. In one instance it is a pillar of cloud and pillar of fire, another- it is an angel of the Lord speaking, and finally it is a vision that led Ananias who was led to the ferocious persecutor of God’s people. In fact (formerly by name Saul) Paul says, “I persecuted the followers of this Way to their death, arresting both men and women and throwing them into prison,…”


There are several terms used by the Bible to describe God’s Own- like: God’s people, Christians (first called this in Antioch meaning ‘little reflections of Jesus the Christ), believers, the children of God, and followers of the Way. None of these are just passive names by nature because of the Nature of God demands that we allow Him to lead and place our Trust in Him as we Follow. For them to ring true they require faith working through love. They require faith in Jesus the Christ the Son of God. Romans says, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” We have a Divine appointment with God to be led by Him believer and a Divine appointment to follow that leading. This is called “walking in the light as He is in the light.” And- since nobody perfectly follows God’s Gracious Leading- 1 John says, “and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us” as we substantially or intermittently (oh so prone to wonder as one hymn points-out) walk in the light.


So- where is this leading of God found? Mostly at the tip of your nose as you gaze into the Word of Liberty – the Holy Bible. If it says, “forgive”- we forgive. If it says, “be controlled by the Spirit,” – we are controlled by the Spirit. If it says, “love one another,” – we love one another. The one leads- The Holy Bible- in the Light of the New Covenant and its Eternally enduring principles and the other follow- God’s children. Intimacy with Jesus is found in God’s Precious Word. Intimacy is being led by the Spirit as it says of these- the last days- “‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.’”


Believer are you one of those souls who has strongly desired to be led by the Spirit and you were listening to God’s Word, His Spirit, and getting wise counsel from God’s people and things you planned just fell to pieces? Not every door is an open door. In all fairness you need to know that even though it all sounds so positive we still live in a fallen world as a light on a hill and that darkness is bent on seeing you fail and fall. Even the Apostle experienced what God permitted into his missionary endeavours when he says, “out of our intense longing we made every effort to see you. For we wanted to come to you—certainly I, Paul, did, again and again—but Satan blocked our way. (1 Thessalonians 2:7-8) When bad things happen to God’s people as they pursue being led and then follow- we call it God’s Permissible Will when darkness is allowed to triumph for a moment (sometimes to us those moments seem forever- but, they are not). Believer- it is all part and parcel of being a Christian handling His Divine Appointments and Disappointments as His Appointments. We may not be able to figure-out some things in being led and then following- but, we can Trust the Good Shepherd- we can relinquish our confusion to The Trust-Worthy-One Forever to be Praised. Intimacy with Jesus is even found in the closed doors just as much as the open doors. Continue to adore the Adorable one- Jesus Christ our great God and Saviour.  







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The Iranian-Sweat





He was hot- bubbling from the inside-out. Everything always started with the sweat-everything- from the brow to the bottom of one’s foot. He was sweating.


The North Koreans were acting-out and up again. It was always so much cheaper to just purchase an airline ticket for N.K. Mules to go from x to y than launch yet one more 1000 Kilometres and then- the plunge. So- some in the intelligence community just scratched their head and went, “humph-hmmmm.”


He was code-named “Carrier”- but, nobody knew what it was he was to carry. They worked him pretty hard leaving him with broken ribs. It was all too amazing that the Russians didn’t leave him with their typical TM- a bullet to the center of the head. Rather, they rolled him onto a busy street- beaten to a pulp.


He was just a “typical” Iranian Purchaser for major retail outlets who landed him in Vegas for an International Trade-show to look at and purchase the next “Tech-Cash-Cows.” Fads came and went and it was Ja-Heeth’s job to separate the next Cash Cow line of products from the “here today and gone tomorrow.”


Little did anyone know that the “Carrier” had been worked-over so hard that the containment inside of him had been compromised and was fractured at a sealant juncture? The North Korean enriched Plutonium Pellet had been contained just for delivery to a major “Sin City” event and was now uncontained and the “Carrier” – after his event-extravaganza with the Russians left him to roll quickly off the street as his unique sickness grew and grew as a clear and present danger.


(March 9th-10th /2017 to be continued…)


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Intimacy with Jesus: Walking in the Light




Day 2 or Day 17


1 John 1:5-7


Intimacy with Jesus: Walking in the Light


 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth. But if we walk in The Light, as he is in The Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.


The Term “The Light” is just as wide and deep and rich as the term “The Faith” and “The Truth.” All three allude to the whole of Christian teaching passed on from Jesus to the Apostles and unto those like Luke who recorded “The Truth” under the power, direction, and inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God. In Jude 3 he says, “Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for The Faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people.” And the Apostle John describes it all later as: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in The Truth. Basically, it could be said that the Corpus (body) of Christian teaching can be expressed in any of the three ways I point out here. But, in 1 John 1:5-7 there is a nuance that 3-Ds and it is all about purity, holiness, righteousness, and the noble.


Anybody can just speak Christianese. Anybody can just check off a fairly lengthy check-list of Do(s) and Don’t(s) in their daily living. Neither stance- taken to the most extreme left- or right- are Christian at all. The Apostle James says that faith without work is dead and works with no faith is dead too- both are simply just dead in the water of God’s perfect plan in Jesus Christ for our lives- Intimacy with Him as balanced individuals who walk and talk Jesus. Regarding even just salt- the two chemicals left on their own that make salt are deadly lethal if ingested on their own. Not just anybody walks the walk and talks the talk.



That is the kind of person who is living, breathing, and walking in the Light of Day as God is the Light of Day (Paul said we are “children of light” who “walk in the day”)- that is someone who is Intimate with Jesus. I’m going to be frank reader- this author of sorts has no desire to walk and talk in this world without that “balance” that only Intimacy with Jesus brings. Believer- “We love Him because He first loved us.” “God is Love.” “Perfect love casts out fear.” Allow His perfect love to cast out your fears and be embraced by this Light, this Love, this Truth, this Faith. In the light of this Holy God- He sent His only begotten Son to shed His blood, die, and be raised from the dead on our behalf because we are sinners in need of a Saviour- This Saviour- the Great God Jesus Christ. This is the basis of our entrance into The Light, the Life, the Love, the Truth, and the Faith once forever and for all saints everywhere passed down for our edification and instruction believer. Only believe it and receive it and daily- “walk it out” as you embrace Intimacy with Jesus.










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Intimacy With Jesus: Encountering God’s Caring Nature




Intimacy With Jesus: Encountering God’s Caring Nature


1 Peter 5:7


“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”



The “cares” of this life are many and many are those who try to just carry them alone. In the book of Deuteronomy, as Israel passed from nation to nation across many lands to the promised land, their reliance upon this God who calls us to cast upon Him our cares was to inspire other nations to the point where they said in contrast to their own affairs and religious practice: “What other nation is so great as to have their gods near them the way the Lord our God is near us whenever we pray to him?” (Deuteronomy 4:7, n.d.) Intimacy with Jesus ought to be inspiring others to want to be intimate with Him too as they see what great things God has done for us. Psalm 126:3 says, “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” So, Paul has good reason to say, “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!”


There is still continuity between the “old testament Israel” and “the new covenant Israel” (God’s people generally speaking- those who live in obedience to His commands now under the new covenant forged by Christ’s shed blood). He was no more moot in dealing with the cares and anxiety of his people back in the Old Testament hundreds and thousands of years ago than He is today thousands of years later. He is There and He is Not Silent. (Schaeffer, n.d.) The Prophet Zephaniah wrote: “The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”


Those of you who desire to be intimate with Jesus with your many or not so many anxieties and cares remember- He is rejoicing over the fact you are looking to Him and casting those cares upward into His loving hands. If His eye is on the sparrow- how much more is His eye on you oh born from above believer in Christ! He knows your cares and anxieties ever before you breath them out in prayer and is working all things together in accordance with His good pleasure for you- a member of The Church Universal (the invisible body of Christ world-wide which manifests sometimes as more visible than at other times in history).


I cannot count how many times I have seen the saints over the last several decades see, experience, and encounter God’s loving and caring nature- I stopped counting somewhere way back even in my own experience. But- bottom line- “He cares”- tis why He is called “The Faithful One So Unchanging” and “The God of All Comfort.” He has been described as “Tender-hearted and Full of Mercy.” The Lord Jesus is said to be the exact representation of these Attributes of God for it says: “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.” (Hebrews 1:3, n.d.) Draw near to the Lord Jesus and He will draw near to you- run to his throne of Grace boldly- and simply pour out all of your anxieties and cares because He cares for you and Acts on our behalf. If He didn’t act on our behalf- there really is no point in me writing one word of this series as it is about the relationship with the Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ who acts on behalf of His people- He really does. Encounter God’s caring nature through embracing Jesus Christ more and more in all things we call life and liberty.    


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Day 15 Intimacy with Jesus: Sharing the Good News


Day 15

Day 15 Intimacy with Jesus: Sharing the Good News

Jonah 1:2-3

“The word of the Lord came to Jonah son of Amittai: “Go to the great city of Nineveh (outside of modern Mosul- Iraq) and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me.” But Jonah ran away from the Lord and headed for Tarshish. He went down to Joppa, where he found a ship bound for that port. After paying the fare, he went aboard and sailed for Tarshish to flee from the Lord.”


Romans 1:14-16

I am obligated (I like how the KJV puts it: “I am Debtor” or “in Debt”) both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish (to tell them about Jesus Christ beyond just the name). That is why I am so eager to preach the gospel also to you who are in Rome. For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes:


True intimacy with Jesus Christ- the Living God- who said, “Before Abraham was I AM” (how God revealed Himself to the ancients- I AM or I AM that I Am as Moses said to Pharaoh) means you and I will be and already are going into all the world to tell others about Him if we are not like Jonah spending our money, time, efforts, and centeredness in going just the opposite direction scared of the gospel-outcome.


Telling all your friends, relatives, your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and people you know well- and on and on ns never really an option- it’s a command to tell them that they are Sinners (people who missed God’s mark for their life and are out of Sync. with living and breathing Jesus) in need of a Saviour. Telling them that Jesus Christ died for them personally is a command. And believing in your heart that God raised Him from the dead as you yourself turn away from your many sins is too part of the gospel message- Jesus is alive! Jonah- like myself and many I know got into some kind of mind-set where he really wasn’t into telling anybody about Jehovah-God- the I AM (the name God went by back in his time). When the storm came it wasn’t only the Nineveh-people he didn’t care about. He didn’t even explain the Merciful God he served to those men on the ship who were about to perish in that massive storm. That was how cold his heart was. Paul on the other hand saw himself as debtor to every soul on the planet to let them know all things Jesus as God’s sent Missionary-Apostle-Slave. So- Paul was intimate with Jesus enough to have the love of Christ in his heart constraining him to tell others.


Can you be intimate with God and have days, weeks, and even years where you are so grouchy towards His purposes that it scrubs away from God’s memory your “blood-purchased-glory-moments” when you were intimate? No. I don’t believe for a moment that the story of Jonah is anything new to being intimate with someone. On the one hand there are people in intimate relationships who are like Paul and have a few rough moments- but, all in all- they are amiable and intimate on the most part. Then, there are those more rocky relationships that are intimate- but, there are issues in them that need to get sorted-out- like the story or Snap-shot moment of Jonah.


If I am in error on Jonah’s behalf- let it be said of me, “he was in error on the side of Grace” because I believe it was a Snap-Shot moment in Jonah’s life and eventually that spark of intimacy did share with the people the message Jonah was so in a hurry to get away from. Friend- sharing Jesus Christ as Lord over all, above all, and through and through all along side of the fact that He is the Saviour of the world is part and parcel of being intimate with Jesus. If you haven’t shared and aren’t sharing- just like Jonah- it won’t go well with your soul. If you are just like Paul- chances increase that you are rejoicing in the Lord always.






Part of our recovery from the fall is taking others who came to know Jesus out of The Fall (The Fall: when our innocent nature became not so perfect on two levels- biologically and socially/spiritually) by the hand to Him. I listed today some emotions for people who are on the run from this- parents, children, grandchildren, friends, and relatives- that keep them/us from telling others about Jesus Christ: ashamed, cynical, embittered, cowardly, unforgiving, shy, once-burnt-twice-shy, towards that ‘other someone’ and on and on…these are the things that keep us from this aspect of being intimate with Jesus and sharing the good news of Christ.  


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Day 14 Intimacy with Jesus: Looking-upon Jesus as Your Daily Point-of-Center


Intimacy with Jesus: Looking-upon Jesus as Your Daily Point-of-Center


Matthew 6:34

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


James 4:13, 15

 Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”; whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow… Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.”


Hebrews 3:7-8


“Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion, during the time of testing…”




Intimacy is a Daily thing. I have said somewhere, ‘Our God is an Everyday God.’ He isn’t a once a special day a year God. He isn’t a once a month God. He isn’t a once to three times a week God, either. Rather- being intimate with Jesus Christ daily means  placing Him as the point of Center- our Infinite-Personal-Reference-Point (F. Schaeffer, n.d.). And, I have made mention that if we tried to maintain intimate relationships one with another once a week or once a year- well- me thinx that Divorce Stats would just simply spike and soar and believe me- there are people who have tried to get away with that and it just didn’t work.


Intimacy with Jesus daily as our “Living-Center-Piece” means three things in this short reflection-snippet:


  1. Being intimate with Jesus today means right at this second whatever trouble you face is the trouble Jesus is helping or trying to help you with –even now. Some people are given an immense boulder smashing, mountain moving, and iron breaking faith (or are being commanded to excercise this nuance of faith) that Jesus wants them to exercise right at this second to be Set Free from something- whatever. And, the Lord Jesus has given others a diamond-tipped-faith-drill-bit to drill vertically and horizontally into a problem one day at a time (whilst making progress) to see some kind of breakthrough-eventually and Jesus can even make a ‘deep and dry’ pocket a massive Victory as our Patience Grew in the meanwhile. Be patient oh my soul. Be patient today oh believer~!


  1. Being intimate with Jesus means that we speak and walk as He did. He said, “Your will be done” or better known, “Thy Will Be Done on earth as it is in Heaven.” James gets to this today slash tomorrow business of us seeing every day as our own- when really- they are gifts and not our own at all and the Apostle James the ½ brother and “brother-brother” spiritually of Jesus and places Jesus Christ at our Center by saying, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.”


  1. Finally, this whole thing of being Intimate with Jesus daily at the center of our lives spells this fact, “Today God is speaking to you and I about something.” He never stops speaking; whether, it is the Heavens declaring His glory; creation saying a thing or two about the Creativity and Power of the Lord Jesus; the fact the Bible is on this planet and we can’t run from that fact- that Revelation of God Himself; and then there is the Holy Spirit continually at work in our lives in some way- beckoning us to put our faith daily and trust daily more deeply in Jesus Christ. So, the writer says, “


Pray with me oh Reader: “Be our Intimate Point of Center Lord- our Intimate Point of Center.”



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I am Dreamless or Less a Dream


Jackpath’s Dreams



Over the last handful of months I eradicated literally thousands of documents off of my laptop ranging from songs, to fictions, to short-stories, to reflections, thoughts, and on and on it goes as far as one can cast their imagination. From all the things I wrote I think that some wrongly got the idea I have “dreams” or I have a “dream.” To my knowledge I only have one dream wrapped-up in two: That every moment of every day or as much as is possible where I am at right now and where the Lord is with where I am at- Jesus Christ being the very Center of my life and Me to the glory of God and whatever that means and me thinx “both” dreams are really only One Dream. Of course we all have desires that have to do with each and every moment as our days tick by and we hope things will work-out as we had hoped for…but, those are daily. Other than that said, “I have not one dream I can think of- I am for all intents and purposes- ‘dreamless.’” Is that Cynicism masquerading as ‘just is?’ I’ve never had “a big dream.” 


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Day 14 Intimacy with Jesus: Going through Profoundly Dark and Deep Valleys

Day 14

Intimacy with Jesus: Going through Profoundly Dark and Deep Valleys

Pslam 107:10-16

Some sat in darkness, in utter darkness, prisoners suffering in iron chains, because they rebelled against God’s commands and despised the plans of the Most High. So he subjected them to bitter labor; they stumbled, and there was no one to help. Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains. Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind, for he breaks down gates of bronze and cuts through bars of iron.
Isaiah 43:1c-3a

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters,I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers,they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;

If you are a born again believer in Jesus the Christ like myself- then, you know- there are deep and dark valleys ahead and you might have already passed through some of them already. I have. Some can last for minutes, hours, days, weeks and all in all it is a most befitting thing to Praise the Almighty in every valley no matter how dark, fiery, deep, heart-wrenching, or whatever. If Jesus Christ is at the center of your life all you can really say in Creole: “Mwen Pap Tounen”- “No turning back…” The Cross before You and this world behind you- “No turning back, no turning back” believer!

These two passages of Scripture give assurance of one thing- no matter what or where you take passage through Jesus Christ is there in the midst and it is most befitting with Job to say, “He gives and takes away- blessed be the name of the Lord.” That is why it is so important that Jesus Christ is ever and always and foremost at the center of our lives. Whatever we may have had or grown accustomed or even addicted to- “He gives and takes away.” The Psalmist gives praise this way- “Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind,…”

Life is both a blessing believer in Jesus; but, intimacy isn’t just about blessings- that would make us no better than simply “for sale” to the best and highest bidder. No. It is really hard too at times and sometimes for some for prolonged seasons and some from the cradle to the grave- life is simply really hard. If permitted- it is not permitted without Jesus- the Lord Jesus Christ standing in the midst of the fire heated 7 X to cast you down and destroy your soul and body forever. It can’t oh Favoured of God one. It just never can if you are clinging to Jesus and the fact- the Son of God’s blood was shed for you and I.

He shed His own blood so that it isn’t only you clinging to Jesus- intimately and tenderly He too is clinging to you. Sometimes in the deepest of valleys we can write, think, see, hear, and sing the deepest of truths that we will never forget. Sometimes in the best of blessings we can write, think, see, hear, and sing in the best of times the most profound of truths. I still remember being in a camp in South American singing beside a river we swam in- “How Great Thou Art!!!” And to this day it is a blessing. Oh bless the Lord Oh my Soul. Christianity isn’t some Manic-Depressive diagnosis over your life. But, the valleys and the mountain tops are in the mix. Embrace Jesus on the mountains just as much in the “dark night of the soul.” You might say with one godly follower somewhere in the Bible, “how long Oh Lord, how long?” That’s okay. It sounds like something someone after God’s own heart might say as they cast their eyes upon The Faithful One So Unchanging.

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Day 13 Intimacy with Jesus: Placing God at the Center with Everything and in Everything


Intimacy with Jesus: Placing God at the Center with Everything and in Everything


Luke 10:27-28a


The man answered, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’” “Right!” Jesus told him.


John 13:34-35


A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


Colossians 3:17

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


No matter how many different ways we look at these verses, they place God first and foremost at the center of our lives- at very least- that was the whole idea they were penned. Intimacy with Jesus has God at the very center of life itself. And some people have barked, “that’s extreme- too extreme.” To my Evangelical and Catholic friends I say this, “both agree upon this one truth- the Holy Bible and its contents are The Word of God from God’s Revelation of Himself to us- you and I.” No matter who you are, you can’t run from it fast enough to escape it- God has spoken and by the power of the Holy Spirit is speaking. He desires Himself and loving Him with Everything, others with Everything, other believers with Everything as Christ did who laid His very life down, and to do anything and everything- little or great to the glory of God.


Washing a counter to the glory God? Yip, that’s His will. Polishing the dash of that spiffy older car to the glory of God? Yip, that’s His will. Typing a blog to the glory of God? Yip, that’s His will. It is all part and parcel of loving God.


Why did Jesus call loving other believers in Jesus Christ- the Only Wise God Incarnate- a new commandment? Because, this love is unique. It has a model who modelled it for 3 years of ministry with the 12. And, so- as any King inaugurating a New Covenant, Jesus inaugurates a New Commandment in a New Covenant- love other believers just as He loved and loves them. Greater love has no man than if He lays down His life for a friend. Jesus- later in his ministry called the disciples not just His followers- but- He called them His friends.


Bottom line- I just cannot imagine any other way worthy of living life other than on every and all levels having Jesus at the center of my life. If you are born-again truly and really- how can you say anything else other than what I am saying here? Oh- it is surely impossible to fully speak of placing and letting God be at the very center of your life in 500 words or less- surely impossible. Blessings on you reader.  






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Day 11 Intimacy with Jesus: Overcoming Weakness and Weariness


Day 11


Intimacy with Jesus: Overcoming Weakness and Weariness


Isaiah 40:28c-31


He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of his understanding. He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.



Matthew 11:28-30


Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”




Intimacy with Jesus doesn’t mean that you’ll never grow weak or weary. Even Jesus in “The Garden” (where He experienced one of His Darkest-Hours) grew weak and weary as he looked ahead at drinking the cup of the world’s sin on the cursed-tree, the cross. Both the gospels and the Epistles (letters) and the book of Acts account for people just getting tired, downcast, weary, and plumb-tired-out. So- Isaiah the prophet begins with the most encouraging words, “He never grows weak or weary.” And Jesus- the son of man and Son of the Omnipotent God who never grows weary waves us over and says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Are you weary? Are you carrying heavy burdens- so heavy that you feel you almost have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- if not- you actually now do?


Be of good cheer reader- on the one hand Isaiah promises that those who trust the Lord will find new strength. And on the other- the Omnipotent Son of God says, “I will give you rest.” On the one hand we trustingly wait and on the other hand we go to Jesus and he gives us 3 steps as we either walk or simply crawl to him whether head-under-pillow all burned-out or eyes wide-open with the yawn of despair.


First Jesus says, “Come.” “Anyone who comes to Him must first believe that He is; and that He rewards those who earnestly come/believe to/in Him. Second, the Lord Jesus says, “Take my yoke upon you.” The whole idea here is when a new Ox was training with an older and more seasoned Ox (the Lord Jesus in this Parable), he would learn the way and path and the ins and outs of being an Ox pulling the plough of everyday life. The young Ox would feel a tug if going off course and it would sense Freedom when keeping in step. So- pulling away was the bondage of hardship struggling with the Head Ox and Freedom from hardships unneeded when keeping in step with the Head-Ox. Third, the Lord, Jesus- promised to teach us. Teach us what? How to handle life, life’s burdens, weariness, walking the narrow path and eventually just how to Rest in Him to find what Isaiah said/prophesied to be tangibly true- so we can run and not grow weary and walk and not faint.


That’s surviving. Then there is thriving, mounting-up with wings as Eagles. Reader, where are you at today? Are you mounting up with wings of Eagles and simply finding God’s strength and Grace sufficient in your weakness? Oh How He Loves Us. Think about what’s being said here- it’s just as much for you as it is for me- it is so close- it is even touching your very lips- this profession of faith in Christ- the Omnipotent who never grows weary or tired. He has the Strength and Solutions to our problems we need to experience and hear. He knows when you need Iron and He knows when a Thyroid or some other chemical imbalance exists. He made us and the Molecules that can help us- so, even medicine isn’t outside of the scope of the One who is there in your situation and knows your problems. He is there. Oh that we would just simply “Come” unto Jesus fully, freely, and faithfully.






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Pithy Sayings and Thoughts: February 16th


Pithy Sayings and Thoughts: February 16th



With every day the world ticks on, the internet and my laptop become more and more- ever increasingly- intuitive just for me.



There is a range of intuitive where we don’t become so lazy and impatient and attention deficit that we just stop doing some of the hard work on our own. And then there is just the right range of intuitive that we are no longer a peninsula- but, an island. We have joined something greater to lean on and at times something much smarter.


It has been said we retain only about 20% of that which we studied. Is it really that high?


They say that men over 50 have a staggering % of suicides in N.A. compared to other age groups. “Why is that?” That’s the question experts are asking. Is that a comment on anything we should be concerned about- the “experts” or “suicides.”


The winter beat my head empty. Now, I can hardly have even just one intelligent thought per. 2 days. Why?


It has been said the more we learn the more we will discover how much we don’t know- and then come the flurry of questions. I can see that- can you?


It is clear now- the Schwa is Canada’s East/West NSA and they do it with impunity, won’t relent, and are endorsed by criminals and organized crime as well as “the constitutional” to do any little thing they want.


David never allowed Goliath one more rant of impunity and to just simply walk all over him and the nation God loved- Israel. “You are the New Israel,” says Paul. Eventually- eventually the house of cards will just crumble and fall.








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An Act of Art: The Well Tied-up


An Act of Art: The Well Tied-up


The roar was; but it wasn’t. It went from Victoria to the furthest eastern tip of Newfoundland; but, it didn’t. It had eyes; but, it was blind. It had ears; but, it was deaf. If the truth were a lie and a lie the truth, both were the same to the unknowing! But, what the hey; it was a day and age when everyone knew everything.


Every buzz was on the wire and lips like Bee wings were buzzing with the buzz. No phone-call came in that wasn’t broad-cast. No move was made that didn’t move a thing or two. And no thing or two moved an inch without a motion. To the knowing nothing was encrypted.


From shore to shore they were more powerful than the NSA. After-all, it only took a handful of hundreds of years to boil things down to only two parties in the Great North and in the Great South. It almost seemed inevitable- but, it was. It almost seemed a pathetic monolith of dualities- but, it was. Yet, they both spoke with one voice and used the many means to make The One.


He shook his head and said to the constitutionally endorsed, “how are there now two one’s? Is this some new world order or is it just the order of things? Am I alone in this?“ And every nation intrigued by it wanted it- the constitutionally endorsed or not. It was the same it.


It was an odd thing- the “constitution” was droned. The unconstitutional eyes, ears, and mouths- as a monolith weren’t droned. But, Divinity too Roared from shore to shore, from the North to the South and the South to the North. A Sceptre of Righteousness was held high and a rod of iron smote and shook the nations.


The unexplainable Viral came and went like the waves of the ocean throwing-up froth and then not. The community thought this would be too important to not keep predicting- “the froth is coming to stay a while and we’re not sure if we will be able to calm the many waters when it comes.” It was in this eyes, ears, lips anything and everything became moot. He said, “I warned you forever and a day.” It wasn’t exactly a fiction you could just sell, but those in the know perked-up.  


It all had been in play for several days now…but, yesternight something different was “Released.”


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Day 10 Intimacy with Jesus: Being Led by the Spirit


Day 10


Intimacy with Jesus: Being Led by the Spirit



Galatians 5:16


So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves.


Ephesians 4:30


And do not bring sorrow to God’s Holy Spirit by the way you live.


1 Thessalonians 5:19-21


Do not stifle the Holy Spirit. Do not scoff at prophecies, but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.



The Bible teachers where the Spirit of the Living God is Manifesting in the hearts of His People there is Liberty. There is Liberty in Jesus. Jesus is a Liberating Saviour. He has come to set the captives free and He does that now one area of our lives at a time by the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit. Before Jesus left he said- as recorded by the Apostle John- He would leave with us a Paraclete (Greek for Helper/Comforter). He is here to lift-up the Lord Jesus, Enlighten His Truth, and to Empower God’s people and He is not Silent. Never mistake what seems to be silence for absence- that is just not the case.



There are so many things to say about the Holy Spirit and what I know of His Activity in my own life and the lives of others who have been and are being filled (controlled/led ) by His Spirit that I hardly even know where to begin except to say, “If you are a Christian and have no idea about the Holy Spirit actively in your life find-out someone- pray for someone who is filled with the Spirit of Jesus and ask them, “please, lay hands on me and pray for me that I too might receive the fullness of the Spirit.” This is not unbiblical at all- even the mighty Apostle Paul had someone lay hands on him to receive a restoration of sight and the promised filling of the Blessed Spirit of God who is to be praised forever and ever and ever AMEN. It says: So Ananias went and found Saul. He laid his hands on him and said, “Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road, has sent me so that you might regain your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.”18 Instantly something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he regained his sight. (Acts 9:17-18).


When I get-up in the morning I try to always turn on some of my favourite worship music on Youtube- key songs that always encourage my heart. Then I try to get quiet and I think about this series- “Intimacy with Jesus” and ask, “what next?” This series, friend, isn’t just for you and everyone in the world- it is for me too. I get blessed and encouraged and find Jesus setting me free left, right, and center giving me His Breath which is my Liberty. I am my beloved’s and He is mine- His banner over me is love- you too believer!!! I’m in love with Jesus Christ because the Holy Spirit is here.



I love God my Father because the Holy Spirit is revealing and has revealed the Father and the Son. I am surrendered to the Spirit and a Slave to the Spirit of the Living God because- I long for His Intimacy in my life- and in that longing for Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is a profound longing for intimacy with Jesus. David said, “as the deer pants for the waters so my soul longs after you.”


Oh Reader- today long for- wait for- seek- ask from- walk in- surrender to the Spirit that Jesus said has come that He might reveal to the world and to our souls- “blessed be the name of the Lord” and “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Call on the name in the power of the Spirit- the name of Jesus today- even now believer. If’ you’re led by the Spirit you have already won the ultimate and final battle because Jesus said, “be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.” All those distractions, persecutions, difficulties, the good times and the bad times- all these taken captive by the Lord Jesus to turn back into the glory of God by being Led by The Spirit. AMEN





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Intimacy with Christ: Beholding and Running to the Father

Intimacy with Christ: Beholding and Running to the Father

Luke 15:19-21

I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired servants.’ So he got up and went to his father. “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him. “The son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’



How true is the old saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” To the son in this parable- which Jesus told- the grass seemed oh so green on the other side of the tracks to him; if only, he had his inheritance, was released from his responsibilities, and then let go of to head down whichever road he decided to go down. And so- Down he went.


I just looked-up the word “prodigal” under several dictionaries and the whole idea of the word is one who freely tosses monies or resources to the wind wastefully, rashly, foolishly, and recklessly- with not a care in the world- until- the money is gone. From wine to women and wild parties- we get the idea that the “Prodigal Son” did it all- and then -ran out of monies and found no friend in sight to lift him up. If you had a fairly middle-class or even wealthy father who gave you all your inheritance and you just blew it all in two shakes of a lambs tail, how do you think he would feel, if he saw you come home in rags, dirt on your face with uncut hair and with dirty long fingernails? In this story the father was extraordinary. The money and wealth wasn’t what he valued- it was his son. Reader- God values you…so much as to give His Only Son Jesus Christ to “find you and to bring you home to the Father.”



To get to know Jesus intimately, we need to know this point and see it. That which was lost- the wayward son- was happily found coming back by his father from a road and a lifestyle he should have never gone down in the first place. So great is this sense of the Love of the Triune God- the Father- that John says, “Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knows us not, because it knew Him not. Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it does not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.”


Reader- behold the manner of love the Prodigal’s father had for him for while he was a long way off in the distance He “Ran To His Once Wayward Son.” He didn’t wait shaking his head with an “I told you so you no good child of mine.” That’s my God- this running after me kind of love. That’s the character and nature of Jesus- the good shepherd who also runs to us. That’s the presence of the Holy Spirit as “goodness and mercy (His sheep dogs)…follow me all the days of my life.” Yes- we are not only the apple of God’s eye- nor only the sheep of His pasture- we are the great King’s sons and daughters in and by Jesus Christ. The other day I meditated on this text and here is what I came-up with that is unique apart from what I just said here:


Then there are those lusts of the flesh- the wantonness eyes, the ever craving body, the pride/ego, the world’s what’s vogue-values of the times, and of course- The Father of Lies- that alien being- the Devil- luring and leading us away from The Christ. All these work together in chorus to buffet us when we have little and to get us to buffet (like an eatery buffet and over eating) when we have much. They try to counterfeit or overpower “Intimacy with Jesus.”


Eventually we- like the Prodigal- must run as fast as we can to the Father with pieces of corn-husks from the sin of the sow’s trough in-between our teeth with spiritually impoverished ribs showing that we knew not how to Steward Much- not to speak of “patiently persevere” when we had in our own guesstimation- Little to Nothing “at home-really- the mundane.”


Towards the end of the story of the Prodigal son I believe he- after two grand lessons (having little or just enough and having much)- was about to learn the last lesson: Balance and good Stewardship in everything. He was about to learn to Patiently Persevere at home with the father- with His eyes on his Father’s Will and Good Pleasure-A Watershed Moment.


Fortunately for his soul- he fixed not his eyes on his angry and jealous brother (as we are told about the brother in the parable)- as that would have been yet one more atrocity to his already mountain of moral atrocities. The Story of the Prodigal has the eye of his Father fixing His Eyes on his son and his son fixing his eyes on his Father. That is a Heavenly Principle…that is how it should be. That is balance- being content with even the mundane-predictable with “enough” and “enough to learn what stewardship really is” while “fixing your eyes on Jesus” for him who has seen and knows Jesus sees and knows the Father. Both have the same character and moral amplitude and temperament.


Even so, Lord Jesus- let this lesson today sink into the very sinew of my spirit and bones and let it be a guiding light- Your Word. Let us behold the Father that we may behold the Son- and so- be more Intimate with You.        








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Intimacy with Jesus: Being Strong and Courageous

Intimacy with Jesus: Being Strong and Courageous


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”




It is an important fact to know, you can’t be all that intimate with Jesus if you don’t believe in your situation that it is possible to be strong and courageous. In part, being strong and courageous is a state of the spirit, heart, and mind; and then there are those souls where it is a matter of being either chemically balanced or imbalanced. The God of Grace and Comfort knows exactly who those souls are. Still, in our weakness- The Great Paradox- it is possible, as we enter the land of God’s Will, to be strengthened and made courageous. I don’t know how many times Joshua faced death, but each time- he chose to be strong and courageous. Joshua was intimate with I AM.


How do we move from fear to being strong and courageous? Jesus- unparalleled to all men of courage- was and is the strongest and most courageous” “who for the Joy set before Him endured the cross despised its shame” to enter The Land of Promise- Eternal Life.


So, one way to move forward in strength and courage is to ponder, reflect on, and embrace “fixing your eyes on Jesus.”


What does that mean? It means that Jesus’ strength and valour becomes ever increasingly ours as we put Him and the Holy Spirit’s Word- the Holy Bible- first and at the center of our lives. We keep our eyes fixed on Jesus the Omnipresent Son of God.


Believer- the Holy Spirit is waiting to empower you to be like Jesus. He is waiting for your trust to make you a Gospel-Preaching Joshua to this generation. He wants to make your life a message.


Do you know Jesus’ Perfect Love? The Bible tells us “Perfect love casts out fear.” Knowing His immeasurable, immense, and unmovable love makes us Strong and Courageous in each and every one of our “Weaknesses.” Paul said, “when I am weak, then I am strong.” That’s intimacy with Jesus.


“Be.” Be strong & courageous believer. “Be.” Be on the move believer in and walking upon the promises of God in the New-Covenant- “the Land of Promise” going from Victory to Victory. “Be.” “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Allow God the Holy Spirit to transform yo our of fear and failure to being full of faith and attaining His future for you. Courage, Faith, Victory, and Strength are all an Act of God as you rely on Him and choose to be Courageous and Strong in Him. AMEN! Walk never again out of the old attitudes of your old nature- “the flesh”- rather, “if you walk by the Spirit you shall live”- really live.       

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You Need a Providential-Deposit of Child-like Faith


When I was 5 years old the Lord Jesus began teaching me about a faith that can move mountains. I looked at a bird in a tree and wanted it to land on my shoulder. I believed it would if I whistled to it. So- I whistled and it came down and landed on my shoulder. I was so shocked and amazed that I ran into the house with it on my shoulder and it jumped off and flew around the room while my mother and grandmother were playing bingo. My mother is still alive and to this day can testify- yes- the bird on my shoulder disrupted their bingo game. Jesus calls us to have faith as a little child. Even today- “all things are possible to those who believe.” To me- Faith is an Act of Providence and a Providential-Deposit when God wants to move and prove the glory of His might. It wasn’t something I just “whipped-up”- rather, it just was. In all sincerity and belief: “Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved.” He saves us from dangers we may or may no know about. And- the future of a bad outcome at the judgement seat when we pass-on (if we believingly embrace Jesus the Christ). Only believe and cast off all forms of “wishful hope”- rather, embrace Biblical-Hope…God is no liar.


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I Hate How “Hope” is Used Sometimes




Biblical Hope is not as the world uses the word “Hope” (e.g. I hope so, maybe it will come or maybe it won’t). It can be extremely blind and when some dream is set-out as a mantle-piece and it never comes to pass that hope was useless and empty at the end of the day.


Christian Hope is a “for sure something great, wonderful, and awesome is coming your way- 100% for sure.” “He works all things together for the good (ours/others) to those who love Him and are called according to His Will. Now that is a hope. There is no point in the author of Hebrews speaking of a hope that is an anchor to our soul if it is “The Maybe-Hope.” Heaven is not “maybe.” The good works God before-hand preordained for us to do individually and cooperatively are not a “Maybe-Hope.” They are at every corner we turn- so, that’s Purpose- that’s Biblical Hope beloved.


I hate the word “hope” when I hear it used like it is some coin tossed into a well with an “I wish…” hope. People need hope that goes and exceeds beyond a hopeful-dream. They need the essentials and more to even consider their hopes/dreams, first. We should never hold out hope the same way Lotto Ticket people hope their ticket will win because then we mantle and showcase people and say, “see what can be done…you can do it too…” Really?! That is wishful-thinking until it manifests and when it manifests- that is a Lotto-Ticket-Moment that is oh so very rare. Most of us spend most of our lives outside of the rare- rather- we live-out everyday things and if we have “The Hope of Christ” that is a 100% will come to pass as we continue this race to the very end.


God can and will intervene in his Kids’ lives now and later He will usher all into Heaven who trusted Him and His promises that Eternal Life is Now and Eternal Life will be Then too- only then- we’ll be in Heaven. That’s no wishful thinking. It is De Facto.


Father God- show the reader the difference between shallow-empty-hope with no guarantees and Your Sure-Hope anchored in Jesus who is now seated at the Right Hand of all Power.    


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Day 8 Intimacy with Jesus: Despising not the small


Day 8 Intimacy with Jesus: Despising Not the Small

Zachariah 4:10

“Who dares despise the day of small things, since the seven eyes of the LORD that range throughout the earth will rejoice when they see the chosen capstone in the hand of Zerubbabel?”

Matthew 17:20


He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

1 Kings 19:11-13

And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake:

And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave. And, behold, there came a voice unto him, and said, What doest thou here, Elijah?

The Lord Jesus

And he said, Whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God? or with what comparison shall we compare it?

31 It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth:

32 But when it is sown, it groweth up, and becometh greater than all herbs, and shooteth out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the shadow of it.


The Eternally Powerful Everlasting speck-seed of God in Jesus Christ is in me. It consumes my mountains and my valleys. These are great- but the speck-seed of the Living Word is much greater. That is intimacy with Jesus- that is the type of God we serve. Despise not small things. It has carried and contained me for over 3 decades.


Freedom: don’t just stand in some small cell with almost every door in the prison wide-open. Shout-out Freedom by living it- walk-out- God made us for Freedom to Freedom-glory to glory. What then are you doing oh one with the Almighty-Potent Divine speck-seed of Heaven just standing in a prison cell. While the prodigal (son gone wild having squandered his inheritance monies on prostitutes and parties) was afar off the Father ran towards him- though he was in the prison of ill-regard for himself- the Father ran. If you are free – be free then indeed. That’s intimacy with Jesus- walk therefore on the waters with him and stand in the flames heated 7 X with the Son of God in this world in need of Intimacy with Jesus.


The sins that come from the pleasures of this life are stubborn; but, Jesus Christ living in me and I living in Him is exceedingly superabundantly more stubborn! Walk in and out of the stubbornness of Jesus Christ’s purposes of purity.


It is the day of “the small” and for such a day as this have I been born into unto my generation here in Canada, on this Continent, and unto the world. Jesus is the Light of the World and we too brothers and sisters in Christ are too- lights as though a star in a darkened universe asking Metaphysical questions: “where did I come from and why am I.” It was the speck of God’s Faith in Himself and an Act of God that brought all these into existence from “nothing” except from Hence- Himself. He is Alive- Jesus is Alive! The foolishness of preaching is God’s means and measure of bringing you into His fold- even so come and even so come Lord Jesus!!!


If a bomb and bombs can lay waste tracts and tracts of land and peoples- how much more infinitely can the Material of Heaven lay waste to our enemies? How much more can The Church world-wide by prayer lay to waste the likes of those demonic forces behind Al Qaeda or ISIS should she set herself to pray? Were I a King, Prince, President, or Prime-Minister I would call for a national year of prayer to watch the speck-seed of Heaven lay to waste those mountains and valleys of death we call Al Qaeda and ISIS as a sign and wonder- Our God is great- the Mighty Jehovah- 3 persons in One- the One-ness God. If materials only in the handfuls can poison many waters- how much more can God poison those wicked areas of our hearts and lives so that we go no more to drink from the well continually of disobedience and rebellion???!!!  








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Imagine: Birds Know How to Hang-out

Hang-out and Smell the Roses

[Even left handed persons can do right-handed mouse-work…who would have thunk it possible?]


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The Passion Is Coming

The Passion Is Coming

Lightening fell a crashing

Angels shine announcing

Jesus is come Jesus is come Jesus is come

Boulders loosen a bouncing

Every eye beheld Him

The Pierced One from the Tree

He is Lord He is Lord He is Lord

He is Lord of me

The blaze of His Brilliance

The Fire in His eyes

Passion is unbridled Passion is unbridled

The Bride’s Groom has Come!

The General’s hearts they Close

Gathered in that ancient Hebrew Place

Fire Fell Fire Fell Fire Fell

The Lion and Lamb have come to their Disgrace

Graves are opened Graves are opened

The Resurrection is here

Expectant Hearts Expectant Hearts

No more ever one single Tear

Rejoice oh soul Rejoice oh soul

Good Tidings They Have Come

The Holy Babe born in the stable

Is God’s Very Own Son!

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Day 7 Intimacy with Jesus: Being Bitter

Day 7

Intimacy with Jesus: Being Bitter with God

Malachi 3:14

You have said, ‘It is futile to serve God. What do we gain by carrying out his requirements and going about like mourners before the Lord Almighty?

From this verse we see that it is clear the people of God had grown bitter towards God, not to mention, bitter to the concept of intimacy with Christ their Everlasting Rock. Paul recognized the decent of bitterness of the soul towards the Lord-God and said, “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened … God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts,” (Romans 1:21, 24, KJV). Bitterness with the Lord Jesus is an ugly thing, to say the least. It leads us to do and say things we should never do and say- then, eventually God just hands us over to our bitterness whether for a season or much longer with some- right to their very last breath. It is a brutal concept to consider.

Still, while it is still called today, there is hope for Intimacy with Jesus- the greatest adventure anyone could ever experience in a thousand life-times- if only for one day! God can and does forgive bitterness of the soul. There are people who have experienced horrific atrocities both at the hands of the ones who were supposed to love and watch over them and at the hands of their enemies. Be not naive on this point- they are bitter because God “allowed” some horrific thing into their lives. Then there are those- like those in the text I opened with in the book of Malachi- where the people really had not been dealt with the heavy hand of God. Rather, they mistook what they considered silence on the matters of their obedience as the absence and even worse- the indifference of God. Reader, do you think that God is indifferent to you? You can’t have intimacy with Jesus if He is indifferent. No, He is surely not indifferent friend!

The context of that verse is the tell-all: “You have spoken arrogantly against me,” says the Lord. “Yet you ask, ‘What have we said against you?’“You have said, ‘It is futile to serve God. What do we gain by carrying out his requirements and going about like mourners before the Lord Almighty? But now we call the arrogant blessed. Certainly evildoers prosper, and even when they put God to the test, they get away with it.’” (Malachi 3:13:15) Now that’s bitterness with God. When we get bitter we have a tendency to do just what we were told not to do and that is stare at all the things our “neighbour” has in terms of things and relationships and position. Here- those who didn’t even care one iota about God seemed to prosper. Those who claimed that they did seemed to just get more bitter about the matter. So concerned was the writer of the book of Hebrews about the matter of Bitterness and how it kept his flock from “fixing your eyes on Jesus” that he said and warned: “See to it that no one falls short of God’s grace; that no root of resentment springs up and causes trouble, and by it many be defiled;” Reader, choose life- Intimacy with Jesus- not death- bitterness that defiles many. It’s oh so worth it!

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The Phenomenal Sometimes Isn’t Absurd At All: Open Your Mind!

I am a radical for good reasons- I research a thing right to its death and then see if the

Repeatable can resurrect it.


I was with those Australian Doctors who changed medical textbooks forever that claimed that

Bacteria just could not exist in the acidic content of the stomach-Helicobacter pylori (It was identified in 1982 by Australian scientists Barry Marshall and Robin Warren). And I am with those who say it is linked strongly to heart attacks- all the way (not every heart-attack- but, something substantial).

I am with the Perth Group on the whole idea that what people were looking at in terms of the bruising and hair falling-out wasn’t “HIV” related because, first- HIV doesn’t exist. All people are looking at is protein junk under a microscope. And- textbooks written by Virologists should then be re-written just to sustain the argument that HIV is a retrovirus since it doesn’t meet the criteria of the retrovirus.

I am all for those Psychiatrists and Psychologists who say that Schizophrenia doesn’t exist and the term itself is damaging to patients and damaging to treating the symptoms traditionally associated with the term. (e.g. It was First Dr. Bentall who revolutionized my thinking on this one. And then, much like the first two examples of what I call “Breaking the Paradigm” – other folk in the fields of science came along. Terms like “Nature Trumps Nurture” (Baroness Greenfield) and Epigenetics are somewhere in the mix.

[No- I don’t hear voices or chase ghosts and UFOs at night :>) Really!]

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Day 6 Intimacy with Jesus: Seeking First His Kingdom and His Righteousness




Day 6

Intimacy with Jesus: Seeking First His Kingdom and His Righteousness

Matthew 6:33

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Psalm 37:4

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”




Some believers twist this text to say in their heart of hearts, “Seek your needs, wants, and desires first by seeking the lucky rabbit’s foot- ‘God’s Kingdom’- so that all these things will be added unto you.” This is by no means intimacy with Jesus. Rather- it is intimacy with the values that are prevalent in our culture- things, things, and more things. For the lonely it would be relationships, relationships, and more relationships. This is by no means to say that those things and relationships are evil. Rather, it is to say that the heart is out of Sync. with the Great King- Jesus; the King of the Kingdom of God and all that is good and right in this world.

Some people do the same with the verse in the Psalms: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4, ESV) You can well see that the heart out of Sync. with God and not passionately pursuing intimacy with Jesus will instead passionately pursue their imaginary Jesus- the lucky rabbit’s foot- to get what they desire- once again. It is a natural human thing to do this; but, Romans 8 is devoted that we are living the Supernatural Life Joshua lived in the Spirit in the land of milk and honey- the inner man going from glory to glory.



The heart is a complex matter and in Romans 7 we are told it flits back and forth on these matters. One minute it seeks Jesus for the sake of what and who Jesus is. Then, the next minute it can flit over to seek Jesus for what He can give and do for us.


To be intimate with Jesus we are not only seeking to build His Kingdom (his interests not our own kingdom), we are also seeking the things that please Him on a daily basis- His righteousness. Jesus is the Every Day God and so- every day He expects us to be about His business. So, the writer to the Hebrews says, “Encourage one another daily…” Jesus says, “take up your cross daily and follow me.” Paul, regarding surrendering his own life and life ambitions to the call of Apostleship said, “I die daily.” He died to himself- not literal- but, experientially. Being intimate with Jesus does produce the effect of our daily lives seeing needs, wants, and desires met to promote His Kingdom or they were meted out for that end whether or not we squander them like the “bad steward” in the parable of the stewards. What are you really seeking reader- even by reading this- Jesus or something else first?



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The Non-Humanitarian 3: The Letter to Me



The Inhumane-Human: The Diminish and the Letter




Dear Me,


God is clearly and decisively answering prayer left, right, and center. (Normally a thing goes missing and immediately my eyes are cast upon that thing in the most bizarre places so that this one point might be made true- “twas to the glory of God for such a moment as those moments to exists to strengthen my faith in Christ to do ‘greater things’ for His name’s sake”). Specific prayers answered in moments, hours, days, and even prayers from years ago. You are in a Season of Answered Prayer.


Signs and Wonders for a generation that at one time would not let go of the Semantic-Syntactical-Word-Insert “game” that was no game at all- it was New World Order technology using a New World Order Sociological Phenomena that impacted the peoples and the media on all levels. I thank You my God for empowering me to handle that until the storm broke and so I praise my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Lord, with a humble and soft heart- even right this moment- I thank and praise You.


They froze the Anomaly-son and so that Lord God Almighty froze them in the dark. The Almighty gave him this verse decades before: The word of the Lord came to me, saying: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;    I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”… “Then the Lord reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “I have put my words in your mouth. 10 See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.”


Me- you- the Anomaly-son have said, “I do not want the designation prophet anything because there are times I speculate, guess, have fun with predictions (sometimes I guess wrongly on purpose to make another feel good), analyze with predictive outcomes and none of these are prophecies except when they turn out to be prophetic. It confuses people. And anyway, people with “imbalances of the mind” (sometimes severe) are depicted as totally insane and incoherent. This nation will be to the world a sign and wonder and the nations themselves (In the light that the Lamb and the Lion will and are going to Return even as He left in the clouds for every eye present to see) as I was and remain to be your humble Litmus Test and those around me in their dealings with me continue to be representative of Canada as Canada’s Litmus Test People. Anyway- Me- the gospel is the point- but, that doesn’t mean the God of Grace isn’t the God of the Administration of the wind, the sea, the snow, the ice, the rain, the shake, rock, and roll of the earth and markets around the globe.





[Avalanche and Frozen were the buzzzz words and so, “they came to pass and are yet to come to pass as they tried to freeze and froze the Anomaly-son for years and years and years.]


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The Non-Humanitarian Continue…




The Non-Humanitarian


[Short-story abbrv. Version]


The Anomaly-son mumbled to himself, “I can’t believe that the CIA, FBI, CSIS, and MI6 have no idea what this monster mason is up to…the ʃwɑ is incessant and won’t give-up and forever decimate the likes of me from the face of the earth- psychological-warfare-wise.” He continued, “if they do know it’s going on, why are they allowing this New World Order using media to speak to form and congeal and eventually coagulate in the veins of democracy?”


So, the Anomaly-son realized that by prayer and petition things had to go back to signs and wonders in the sky above and the earth beneath. He had been keeping track of words that 3-D-ed as he prayed and the last one was Avalanche. He just hadn’t been recording what was and was to come typing-wise. What would be next onto the scene? Then he complained to the Most High, “Oh Lord God, Maker of Heaven and Earth and Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord- hear my petition. My enemies have set-out to rub me off of the face of the earth- my reputation as credible.  But, You oh God have sustained me in the wilderness- in the desert valleys of my complaint.”


He continued The Prayer…”Now Oh God, make an example of the ʃwɑ and their massive glob perverting justice and sewing inequity. You sent the fire and the flood – the stones and the wind- record smashing- and they won’t listen. You know Lord this is true- You oh God heard my cries and sent the 3-Ds. Now, oh living God lay hold of them and the likes of them- the nefarious masons- this mason- and lay them Low for their Linguistic-Abuses…none the less than Murdoch himself perverting the media. Lay their likes and their organization and their network flat. Cause a “flatline” Oh Lord omnipotent. Shake the telephone poles and lines if needs be.”


Then he thought, all this work for the 4 unrewarded- don’t they know it was the Anomaly-son who at 3 AM- Oct. 22 was provoked to prayer for the PM-Harper and then to pinball-text as he slung it out there- words in code with Ottawa and Calgary (e.g. calg.)- the shooting that didn’t go as far as it could have. Don’t they know it was he who prayed for their leaders- and especially that leader that night as he had a vision of “the ceiling” in Ottawa. Surely, faithfulness will have to be rewarded and recognized later somewhere, some time, and some place- surely. He thought, “a great reward would simply spell- stop them and so many people will be blessed in that one simple reward…”  


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Day 5 Intimacy with Jesus: Being Made Whole





Day 5

Intimacy with Jesus: Being Made Whole

Exodus 15:26d

“For I AM the God-who-heals-you (Jehovah-Rapha)”




Everybody is in a pursuit of wholeness. Sometimes, when you look at all the great things somebody has done- it is a direct comment on how great their thirst for wholeness is because those great deeds were done in pursuit of a sense of feeling okay- whole. People feel better when they do x, y, and z outside of the will of God for their lives- and then they don’t feel better at all when the effects wear-off.


For thousands of years- ever since Adam and Eve were created- God has been actively interested in our wholeness and sense of being whole- not against it. So, why don’t people feel whole? The Bible is clear on this point- we are all broken somewhere in our soul. Even if we grow-up and out of brokenness- there is yet one more place we need His Healing Touch. Our need and short-comings will always be present-continuous because- daily- we all fall short of God’s nature, being, and character- who He is and wants us to be like unto. By making us more like Him is to heal, set-free, and make us whole in areas of our life where we are not whole.


The word Judicial is simply a law term that describes some dispensation of Justice. When it comes to our personal sin and pursuit of sin in the name of wholeness (here, sin is any pursuit of wholeness apart from Jesus Christ being at the center of that pursuit)- the Bible is clear judicially: “The wages of sin is death” (our sin-nature deserves spiritual-death in the future and physical-death if we find not pardon and forgiveness through Jesus’ shed blood- our Judicial Reason for God to legally embrace us)- we need God’s pardon and forgiveness to be reconciled to Him and made whole.


Wholeness and healing are brought to light in one text written for us hundreds of years before Jesus- Messiah/King- came: “But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed.” (Isaiah 53:5). He is our Judicial Sacrifice for our sins- those areas in life where we pursued wholeness hard as though it could be found without God’s smiling face of approval. Healing and Wholeness and Wholeness and Healing are found in Jesus.


The one of the many names of God He reveals himself as is “Jehovah-Rapha” which literally means, “I AM the God-who-heals-you.” Will He pursue bringing you to a place of wholeness if you pursue the Lord Jesus for that wholeness? Yes a zillion times over- yes. So reader- what are you looking and waiting for? “He was beaten so that we could be made whole.” God has a judicial ground by your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour to now heal you, set you free, and to make you whole. Intimacy with Jesus makes us whole! Continue pursuing Him for this Intimacy- it is oh so worth it.




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Poem: The Cross of Christ (what does that mean?)


The Cross of Christ


A Blood Stained Tree on that Blessed Day

Your sacrifice made Opened Up the Way

Your bruised Heel on the Cursed Tree

You crushed Satan’s head Just For Me

Hallelujah Christ Has Come

Our Victory Tree for Christ has Won!


He bled and died on that Dreadful Day

Oh Son of God what can we Say?

Jesus the Lamb of God- Meant to Be

Crucified Lamb for all to See

Behold the Lamb of God Who Has Come

His last breath he said, “It is Done!”


Jesus- the Truth, the Life, the Way

Eternal Life- It’s You we Embrace

The Greatest Love Hung on that Tree

Salvation’s way opened to You and Me

Bless His Name- Bless the Holy One

Jesus is Alive- “It is Done! It is Done!”



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Day 4 Intimacy with Jesus: Looking at Jesus’ Creation








Day 4

Intimacy with Jesus: Looking at Jesus’ Creation

Psalm 19:1-4


The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.

Romans 1:20


For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.




There is a passage written by the Apostle John that not too many people know about and it tells us exactly who created all things and for whom all things are created: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. (John 1:1-3, NIV)


All through the centuries God has spoken to mankind- and so- mankind at the very least knows by the stars and universe above and the earth below that there is a Creator God. But- in the book of John- the Apostle gets even more specific than that and is basically telling us, “Jesus- the Eternal Word- made all things and all things are made for Him.” It is kinda mind-blowing that we can be that specific- but we know John is speaking of the Lord Jesus in the first three verses of the gospel of John.


These days, I’ve been walking every day. Sometimes I just pause to draw more near to the Lord in intimacy through reflecting on His creation. I look at the grass, sky, trees, the stars at night, and on and on creation goes- I’m looking at it thinking, “you are so fortunate to know the Creative One who made all of this.” Then I just automatically break out in praise during times like that.


Creation isn’t going anywhere until God says so. Other things come and go- but, there is always something to “stop and smell the roses” about- always. When you think of the variety of life and the awe inspiring variety of the non-living scattered everywhere- think this, “Jesus is really creative!” It brings you closer to Him.


Everywhere you look there is motion- even in places you can’t see it. At an Atomic-Level and Sub-Atomic level- the Grand Canyon is vibrating with motion. Electrons and Neutrons and particles and waves are in motion. You can’t stop them even if energy is simply spent and moves into a “lesser form of energy.”


When we share an intimate moment with others it is often around something they made or did. The conversation of two friends as they draw nearer to each other is often about their achievements or their creations. Those moments of show-and-tell aren’t just for children- adults do it all the time- show and tell. It is a self-revelation of who they are. It’s the same with Creation. Creation- says the Psalmist- is speaking to us every day. Paul says that we can get a better grasp of Jesus’ invisible qualities, eternal power, and Divine Nature. Next time you look at something in creation you like- whisper this, “Thank-you Jesus. You made this and I absolutely love it and so love You too.”  



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January 20 Pithy Sayings and Thoughts




Wisdom Literature


Pithy Sayings and Thoughts




Given the right communication platform, paranoia is a potent contagion. It simply takes just one paranoid person’s perspective to sweep across a whole swath of people in just moments.



If you are too much something or too little something- that is the state of imbalance.


People can be like a car with wheels that are not aligned. If one is off- the whole car will steer in that direction. Balance is needed to stay on the road.


Without determination in action, all you have is fantasy.




Most negative emotions are the gateway to the path that leads back to- word for word- foolish thinking- the source of those negative emotions.


Most Anger tells us that there is a blocked goal to some foolish idea of where wholeness is found.


Most Anxiety tells us that there is a profound fear that a goal will not be reached and tells us we have some foolish idea of where wholeness is found.


Most chosen emotions of guilt are simply a result of pursuing goals that are unreachable. Feelings that the situation should have been controllable and outcome wholeness ensue.


Faith in Jesus without holiness is dead faith. It is merely a fantasy that one is in sync. with the will of God.


“Scrimping by” in this or that is always filled with a series of ongoing choices. In those choices is the choice to- at very least- survive.


Sometimes our choices have led us to a place we were never destined to be because at the end of the day- God is good.


When one is at the edge of a cliff that plummets hundreds of feet down- fear is normal.


When one has done something the Holy Bible told them not to do- guilt is normal.


When injustice prevails over us- anger is normal; but most anger doesn’t have fruition to the righteousness of God.


Are you even aware of your emotions- because- if you are not- others are.


Because we do not feel whole- we pursue a feeling of wholeness. That is where most addictions begin.


The New World Order of Social-Engineering cripples people with anxiety through Linguistic-Trickery and then tells them to stand up and walk. How full of fool-dom is that?



The fool has said in his own heart and most likely to others, “there is no God.”


Severe testing begs the question, “what will his/her character do now?”








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Pithy Sayings and Thoughts


Pithy Sayings and Thoughts




Given the right communication platform, paranoia is a potent contagion. It simply takes just one paranoid person’s perspective to sweep across a whole swath of people in just moments.



If you are too much something or too little something- that is the state of imbalance.

Sometimes, the weight of a matter is needed on the table to counter-balance an imbalance.


People can be like a car with wheels that are not aligned. If one is off- the whole car will steer in that direction. Balance is needed to stay on the road.


Without determination in action, all you have is fantasy.




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Day 3 Intimacy with Jesus: Knowing Him



Day 3

Intimacy with Jesus: Knowing Him

Matthew 7:22-23


“Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’”


Philippians 3:10

“I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death,”



In these verses, the word “know” is translated from the Greek word Ginosko. It means “experiential knowledge” or “intimacy.” Jesus Christ is Omnipresent, (present everywhere in the highest Heavens and throughout all of creation), and so, He is near to us for us to get to know Him personally- intimately. Because Jesus- the Christ- has made Himself available to the sons and daughters of man, we can get to know Him personally-intimately. Do you know Jesus Christ intimately?


People who say, “I know God,” but do not do His will for their lives as revealed in the Holy Bible and through the Presence and Ministry of the Holy Spirit- do not know Jesus intimately. To know Jesus intimately is to be so wrapped-up and caught-up with Him that we become like Him. It has been said that, “bad company will corrupt your morals.” The opposite is true, also; good company will influence you to do what is good and right.


When Paul was incarcerated for His faith in Jesus Christ, Paul’s one consuming passion was this- to get to know Jesus Christ more intimately on every level of life. He wanted to get to know Jesus inside of the Joys life brought him and through the sorrows and sadness that hardships brought along.


Jesus the Messiah was a “man of sorrows” wrote Isaiah the Prophet of old. Some people hear the word intimacy and think that it is a thing that will bring them happiness. But, in all reality, we must also “participate” in His sufferings, too. The same ways Jesus Experienced Joy and Sorrow will be the same ways we experience Joy and Sorrow, if we are intimate with Him.


Reader, one of the anchors to our souls that we have in being that intimate with Christ to the point of suffering is that God is the “God of All comfort.” So- don’t be thrown off by the word “suffering” because He will comfort us in every hardship- if we are born from above through embracing Jesus as our Lord and Saviour- our first act of Intimacy with Jesus. Then later, with the same Comfort God shows us, we will be able to pass on that comfort to others. Paul tells us this in his letter to the Corinthians and I believe it. Intimacy in any relationship has both the Joys of that relationship and the hardships too- that’s life.








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The Order of Things


The Order of Things

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and all the needs you have in life shall be added unto you.”

Follow- Worship- Glorify

Joshua: “Be Strong and Courageous”

A commandment- Not for “maybe I will…”






Viability Test






Outcome Assessment




Determination to Live Responsibly


Staying Focussed


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What Made Me an Anomaly? A Child of the Most High God?






My Testimony:


What makes me an Anomaly in the “Miraculous Sense”


About 35 years ago I was in my bedroom one Sunday- in the Fall-time making my bed. The night before some guy approached a group of us- we were in our late teen’s then- and shared the gospel story and his own testimony of how he came out of a life of partying into the New Life of Christ. He had us repeat a sinner’s prayer after him and then basically that was it. Right then nothing happened to me. Not one tiny little thing. I felt nothing. I definitely didn’t feel New. I had not experienced the New Birth.


I had grown up as a Roman Catholic- and so- by the Grace of God believed there was a God- but, as for being a Christian- I was as lost as lost could be. I knew there was a God; but I had no idea that I needed to experience what is called by Jesus being “born again” or “born from above.” So- I threw my blanket on my bed, as I was making it, and complained that I felt nothing at all and so “the prayer” made no difference whatsoever.


Right then, the Presence of God came into that room and it was an all consuming presence. It was the Holy Spirit and He laid upon me a sense of guilt and opened my eyes to something I never saw before- I was a sinner in need of a Saviour. In grade 5 I had received a Protestant New Testament from the Gideon’s and had it in my junk box under the bed and was moved deeply to get it out. Then the word “Salvation” came to my mind and I was to look at the beginning where varying words were listed in alphabetical order including “Salvation” with verses beside them. The presence of God was Pressing through each stage of coming to Him.


I always hated the word “Salvation” because it sounded oh so out of Sync. with society- especially the last part of the Hippy-movement society. But, I found a verse that said God had given me His only Son to be my object of faith and another verse that was black and white: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.” The convincing presence of God would not go away, and prior to those verses, I was saying that I was “sorry” for my being out of Sync. with God. Just then, the solution came and I said by the Power of the Spirit “I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.”


Right then cleanness came into my heart. I was washed and was given New Birth from above. A Joy came into my heart and I kept saying in the mirror, “it’s real, it’s real, it’s really real.” I was alone that day and no body was there to “lead me to Christ.” But, the Holy Spirit was there and He brought me into a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Have I been a perfect example? Not by any stretch of the imagination. But, considering that moment and the countless miraculous moments after that one- I am thus and therefore an Anomaly. Most people come to Christ through another person or because of attending a church.

My life is Bed-Rock-ed in the Presence of the Living God and in the Power of the Living God through the blood shed by His Son as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” Blessings on you reader as you consider the Narrow Path for your own soul. Bless the Lord oh my soul!!!


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Day 2 Intimacy with Christ: Praying Continually




Day 2

Intimacy with Jesus: Praying Continually

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

“Rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”




Some people can pray their whole life-time every day and not be closer to Jesus than when they prayed their very first prayer. What does this mean? If I wrote-out ten words, like a doctor prescribes medicine and said, “here, now pray these ten words every day and only these ten words,” I would call that prescription-praying not relational-prayer. It is relational prayer the author under the wisdom of the Holy Spirit has in mind here.


Relational prayer is very similar to conversation. So, some people call their prayer times conversational-prayer. For example, when praying for a sick child one could say, “Oh Lord Jesus, I pray for my daughter’s cancer and cry-out to you that you might heal her. Have mercy oh Son of God, You can do anything Lord Jesus. Please, take-up my petition and heal my child! I believe in You.” That is conversational prayer and we are to pray like that in terms of it being very relational and not prescription-like.


It is said that, “Enoch walked with God” and he did so for hundreds of years. Imagine walking through life chatting with the Lord about everything. Imagine Enoch conversing with the Lord who is there and is not silent every day of his life. That is what I believe it means to “pray continually.” There is no other path to having an intimate walk with Jesus than the path that has continual prayer. We may have seasons where we lapse into silence; but those seasons are not the Lord’s fault that we have grown cold in this way. Consider your personal relationships. I hear this often that when a relationship is growing cold that there really isn’t much valuable and deeply relational conversation going on in that relationship. Think about if you just stopped speaking to your spouse for a whole year what would happen. Intimacy would be cut-short.


The thrilling Adventure God has for you is intimacy with Jesus through continual conversational prayer with praise, petition, and quoting His promises back to Him by faith that He will do just what He promised He will do. Try it, you might be shocked at the wonder-filled places He takes you.


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The Non-Humanitarian: The Report from Inside





The Non-Humanitarian


He was a head Mason of Masons across Canada. He had okayed the use of syntactical-semantic-word-manipulation to harass people into good behaviour. The thing people called “the game” had engulfed millions of Canadians- but, it was anything but a game. It was pure and simple harassment and he envisioned this corrections-Canada to now expand onto the tube and radio. It was actually an act of God that they were not already festering like an infected and open wound upon the face of Canada in mainstream media, being the net, tube, and radio.


It wasn’t that it was anti-Christian, but it was. It wasn’t that it was anti-constitution, but it was. It wasn’t that it was meant to be malicious, but it was. It wasn’t that it was all anti-privacy, but it was. Todd was his name, he was 53, and he envisioned the game going mainstream media- and so he wanted the media to join hands with the will and purpose of the Masons.


There was still that part of society that went, “huh? Game, what game?” and they were on their way to becoming a societal- obsolete. They were .001% of the adult population in the country.


Some Christians called them a massively large cult- these masters of manipulating the spoken word- while other Christians were like a monkey that got the next pop-culture-banana caught in a hole and wouldn’t let go until they spiritually perished.


It was a linguistic phenomena that it even existed at all; A Linguistic-magician’s hat-trick, it was. The reason it was like “magic,” is you could say a thing once and have it grammatically and syntactically out of place without hardly anybody noticing, like saying, “What a great afternoon, the DOG sun is out and we can go for a walk” and those not playing the game or not at the wrong end of their beating stick wouldn’t hear at all if it was said once.


The whole idea was for the person in proximity to their voice to hear. If they had been a “dog” or in cases where they were not anything, they were supposed to pick-up on the word “dog.” Normally, in the game, words would be used several times for the day. So, “dog” would be used more than once in the victims proximity. And somehow- Todd wanted to mainstream their corrections-element in it all so to pin-hole almost gps-wise a person to death- and some people did commit suicide because of it- but, Todd didn’t care about that. He was obsessed to impose “their will.”


Todd had Mason friends in the high order of things and he pressured them and said, “if you don’t embrace the game on some level you will be out of jobs because the internet hasn’t finished taking the world by storm.” These leaders of the nation had to agree because “they had no choice but to agree.” In all reality they were agreeing to the highest abuses of human rights the nation would ever see. Todd was supposed to be humanitarian at heart- but, he was not and he was investment driven. [To be continued oh wiser than me ones across this nation Canada?]


Todd the master Mason of Masons met with the media later and said, “here is how we want to play this and have a platform for a voice across the country. First, we need your producers on board and they need to know who is in the game and who isn’t in their interviews. Second, we need control over what it is we want to say. We don’t only want gamers saying any little ol thing they want to say. Then it all degenerates into conflict. Third, we need to be able to speak on the fly too. This is where programmers and programs come in. They need to be programmable and to make use of the phonetic sounds of the one speaking. For instance, if I were on television and I turned my back to speak, and if I want ‘it’ to say what I want ‘it’ to say using my voice- that is how we want it. So, we need you to invest for the future of this and we believe we already have the technology to pull this one off. Fourth, noisy snakes in the grass need to be dealt with. We don’t care how you shut them up- just – hone in on them and shut them up.” Todd proved himself to be a nefarious character and proved his character was nefarious.

The Anomaly-son Steps In …

The Anomaly-son stepped in and simply said, “fine then oh nefarious one- catastrophic from the inside out.” And so, it was January 12th when the Anomaly-son said this, and it came to pass from the inside to the outward in an icy blast. He knew not what it all meant until it had come to pass or was more of the same to come?  



[You may have noticed this topic has come-up before in my fictions over the last 3 years of reflecting on where all of this could go- the theme- that is. This one goes deeper than all the others put together.]



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Day 1 Intimacy with Jesus: Being Aware of Your Focus




Day 1

Intimacy with Jesus: Being Aware of Your Focus

Hebrews 12:1C-2A

“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”



Today, as I went for my walk, I was thinking about what separates us from simply living our lives like the other creatures around us and living our lives as self-aware beings. Creatures of the land, sky, and sea live their lives out of instinct and are purely reactionary. You won’t find a creature on this planet who thinks, “My name is ______, nice to meet you.”


Humans are self-aware. We are aware of who we are in degrees. We live our lives both instinctually and with self-awareness. To know what our “focus” is requires a measure of self-awareness. Focus is a big part of Intimacy with the Son of God. So, being aware of our focus is a big part of intimacy with The Christ- The Saving One.


In this verse, we are told to fix our eyes on Jesus. How do we know if our eyes fixed on Him? That requires self-awareness. Are you self-aware of what your eyes are fixed on? What our eyes are fixed on can truncate intimacy with Christ because we are so fixated on other things.


Life is replete with things to be obsessed with to the point that those things make-up our life-schedules and make important decisions for us. Another way to say it is- life itself can consume our attention to the degree we are by no means intimate with Jesus Christ. Because of that fact, we must be self-aware that this is what is happening to the core of our attention. Second, we must grab our attention and fix it on Jesus.


Jesus is found in the Living Word of God, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, and in His people. So- we have to lay hold of our thoughts and intentions and spend time with each of these by faith to discover Intimacy with Jesus. Intimacy with Jesus is “oh so worth it!!!”


Prayer to Pray: Lord Jesus, today I take hold of my attention and turn it to you. I desire intimacy with you- and so, I give my heart, soul, strength, and mind to that end. As I fix my eyes on You, fill my life with Your Own Blessed Self.







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